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Jun 19 2018

Harvard Medical School Purges the Past of Caucasians

In the USSR, party members who fell out of Stalin’s favor were deleted from the historical record, even getting airbrushed out of photographs. In institutions controlled by liberals, it is high-achieving white males who get banished to the memory hole. That’s why Harvard Medical School’s teaching hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is removing portraits of medical luminaries from the Bornstein Amphitheater.

Hospital president Betsy Nabel says that “it’s time that we think about respecting our past in a different way” — i.e., by erasing it for not complying with current leftist ideology.

Titilayo Afolabi, a Nigerian-American and first-year student at the medical school, attended two events in the hall during her first month of school last August. She said she “definitely noticed’’ the portraits but was not surprised.

She says she “almost expected to see” portraits of white men in America. Our reputation for being a racist patriarchy has spread all the way to the Dark Continent.

Moving them is a good idea, Afolabi said, but she is “very wary of the image of change rather than actual change. It’s easy to remove people from the wall. It’s more difficult putting people of color in power.’’

No worries, Titilayo; the same moonbats who probably let you into Harvard and gave you a scholarship to reward you for being African are working on it feverishly.

Nabel … recently promoted Dr. Nawal Nour, a physician who established the African Women’s Health Center, to be the first diversity and inclusion officer for faculty; began a leadership development program with an executive coach for promising faculty and staff who are women and minorities; and is creating guidelines to minimize bias in hiring.

“Minimize bias” means “maximize bias against white males.”

This isn’t the only medical school targeted by cultural Marxists. The nationally oriented black supremacist group White Coats for Black Lives denounces “the dearth of plaques, statues, portraits, and building names on campuses that acknowledge contributions from physicians of color.”

How about if you achieve something first and then you get the plaques? But I’m forgetting: the very notion of achievement is a crime against equity. The only standard of value is not being a white male.

None of this idiocy is likely to improve the quality of medical education.

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