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Dec 31 2019

Harvard Prof: Police Oppress Blacks In Utero

Despite its massive endowment of over $40 billion, federal taxpayers pour a fortune into ostensibly private Harvard University. The public receives useful scientific research in return. It also receives pernicious moonbattery so insane that only within the ivy-smothered ivory towers of academia could it pass the laugh test.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

It was a startling claim, published this month by a Harvard sociologist in the journal Science Advances: “Police killings of unarmed blacks substantially decrease the birth weight and gestational age of black infants residing nearby.” That reinforces “the intergenerational transmission of disadvantage,” Joscha Legewie wrote, because preterm birth can affect things like cognitive development.

Careful now, Professor Legewie. Even if you blame it on mythical banana republic style police executions, it is serious thoughtcrime to suggest that the black ghetto residents bred by the welfare state are not just as intelligent as privileged rocket scientists.

As Mark Twain noted, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Legewie supports his preposterous assertion with numbers extracted from 3.9 million birth records. Strangely, the phenomenon he reports only affects the race at the top of the Cultural Marxist caste system.

There was no ill effect on white or Hispanic infants. No ill effect from police killings of white or Hispanic suspects. No ill effect “for police killings of armed blacks.” If the hypothesis was that nearby police violence raises maternal stress, wouldn’t it show up after any trauma in the neighborhood?

Let’s not get bogged down in logic here. Despite the pseudoscientific trappings, this is an exercise in theology. Elitist liberals literally worship blacks. They are elevated to sacred status by their supposed oppression at the hands of the police, who are agents of unclean, demonic whites. In the liberal religion, the Sociology Department serves as a seminary.

That’s why Legewie is easily able to wave away objections with flourishes of dogma:

The professor’s explanation was that the trend must be “driven by perceptions of discrimination and structural racism.” White mothers don’t carry that burden.

White mothers wear the stain of privilege. That settles it.

Even academia has some standards. A week after publication, the study was retracted after errors in the classification of armed versus unarmed suspects were revealed. Correcting the errors made the desired effect disappear.

The commentary that greeted Legewie’s bogus study should also be retracted. Fellow sociologists hailed it as “clearly, methodologically, rigorously documented,” presented it as evidence that the fictional oppression of blacks by the police should be treated as a public health issue, and squawked piously about institutions denying blacks their humanity.

For serious scholarship on the relationship between blacks and the police, refer to Heather Mac Donald, who confirms that police are the best friends blacks have, due to the rampant crime in their neighborhoods. By pointing out factual reality that detracts from liberal theology, Mac Donald has made herself highly unwelcome on campus (see here, here, and here).

As Heather Mac Donald has found,

In fact, black civilians are shot less, compared with whites, than their rates of violent crime would predict.

This is probably because the liberal establishment has created an atmosphere of terror whereby police hesitate to defend their own lives from black criminals, knowing that the media and local authorities will vehemently side with the bad guys. So the police stand back, and let cities turn into savage Mad Max hellscapes like Baltimore.

Mac Donald further notes,

There was no evidence that officer race (i.e., whiteness) predicted the race of the shooting victim or that there was anti-black bias in fatal police shootings.

The entire Black Lives Matter narrative that police target blacks like Central American hit squads is a malicious lie. Scholarship based on this adolescent premise is worse than useless. Yet we are sure to see more of it from Harvard.

On a tip from Varla.

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