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Nov 16 2018

Harvey Milk Redux in Connecticut

Liberal demigod Harvey Milk (who has a street, a ship, a stamp, a movie, a holiday, and a Medal of Freedom in his honor) is far from the only Person of Politically Preferred Sexual Orientation to prey on troubled teenage boys. It goes on all over the country, not only in cesspools of degeneracy and depravity like Milk’s San Francisco, but even in small towns like Tolland, Connecticut:

Like many victims of a Connecticut sex trafficking ring that preyed on troubled young men and teenage boys for more than 20 years, Samuel Marino never told his family or police about being coerced into sexual relations with much older men.

Marino ended up getting himself killed in a police chase after a carjacking at age 26 in what might have been a version of suicide by cop.

In a handwritten note found years later in a raid on one of the suspected sex trafficking ring leader’s homes, Marino wrote he was angry, ashamed and disgusted at how he was taken advantage of. …

The case has illuminated what victims and advocates call the underreported scourge of male sex trafficking.

It is not only underreported but undertreated, despite the severe psychiatric damage it inflicts. There is an assumption that only females are victims of sexual abuse. Besides, we wouldn’t want to draw politically incorrect attention to the exceedingly unsavory aspects of gay subculture, which tends to focus its lustful attention on youth.

The suspects targeted teenage boys and young men who were developmentally disabled, mentally ill and addicted to drugs, police said. One of the defendants, Robert King, found some of his victims at drug rehab centers.

Sure sounds like the sainted Harvey Milk. I wonder if Robert King is in line for a street, a ship, a stamp, a movie, et cetera.

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