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Nov 22 2016

Hate Hoax at Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University student Eleesha Long made her bid to join the Hate Hoax List on the day after the election by claiming to have been subjected to assault and a racial slur:

Long wrote a police complaint on November 9th that reads in part, “while walking down Crim St to ask for yard signs, three boys began to throw rocks at me.”

Long continued to write the white males shouted profanity at her while wearing Trump shirts.

Among the first clues that this was yet another hoax, she took her tale to Fakebook rather than calling 911.

A BGSU officer took Long to the police station where she gave a statement.

However, throughout the investigation she changed her story multiple times.

Police soon confirmed that she was not present at the time and place the incident supposedly occurred.

Her text messages allegedly reveal her real motivation may have been frustration with friends and family who were Trump supporters. …

The police reports are laced with racist remarks against Trump supporters that she sent to her boyfriend and mother. According to reports, she used words like, “this is why you should take an IQ test to vote,” “I hope they all get AIDS,” “I haven’t met a decent Trump supporter yet.”

Typically of moonbats, Long expressed her hostility by weaponizing phony victimhood.

Here’s some good news:

Long was charged with falsification and obstructing official business.

The only way to stop the avalanche of hate hoaxes is to prosecute the hoaxers. This will undermine the corrosive liberal agenda, as the well of oppression will run dry, and also free up police to attend to real problems.

On tips from Steve A, Dave F, Billybob Bob, and Rocco.

4 Responses to “Hate Hoax at Bowling Green State University”

  1. I used to live in Toledo, OH, which is about half an hour out from BGSU, BGSU is a good college and it truly is sad that such a thing like this has tarnished it’s reputation now.

  2. Cecil Henry says:

    Hoaxing a hate crime is the same motivation as an actual hate crime.

    They should carry the SAME penalty.

  3. I graduated there, used to live in Maumee too

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