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Dec 02 2018

Hate Hoax at Goucher College

The Duke Rape Hoax turned out badly for moonbats, especially after the alleged victim of racially tinged sexual oppression Crystal Gail Mangum went on to become a convicted murderer. But there really are racists on college lacrosse teams — Goucher College proves it. Oh wait:

A black college lacrosse player has been arrested in connection with two incidents of racist graffiti found in a dorm on the Goucher College campus in Maryland.

Fynn Ajani Arthur, a 21-year-old from Brunswick, Maine, was charged with two counts of malicious destruction of property on Thursday night in Baltimore County.

His graffiti featured swastikas, the initials KKK, and even the forbidden N-word. It specifically singled out four black students for racist abuse — including Arthur himself.

Due to its political incorrectness, authorities literally made a federal case out of the graffiti. The FBI helped determine that this was yet another hate hoax.

As usual, moonbats exploited the hoax to move the ball in the desired direction:

Goucher’s black student union group Umoja … designated a common area on campus for students to gather, debrief and vent.

A number of students flocked to the space on Friday afternoon to sign a list of seven demands.

Note that the black suspect had been charged the day before.

The demands included the hiring of more black staff on campus, the installation of security cameras in residence halls and the requirement that incoming students take a class on cultural competency.

“Cultural competency” is a condescending euphemism for black supremacist brainwashing, which increasingly is what students get even if they thought they were paying for an education.

Incessant hate hoaxes underscore that the narrative of oppressed minorities is a lie. Rather than grasp this, students issue regulation duckspeak:

Senior Cydnii Jones told the Sun the graffiti incidents were merely symptoms of Groucher’s larger issue of racism on campus.

On the contrary, the incidents are a symptom of academia’s larger issue of moonbattery on campus.

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