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Dec 03 2013

Hate Hoax at Vassar College

Small liberal arts colleges like Vassar College are impregnable bastions of moonbattery, but even they witness terrible outbreaks of abusive political incorrectness — fake ones, of course:

Reports of bias incidents at Vassar College that involved hateful messages left on students’ doors were actually elaborate hoaxes — and the perpetrator is none other than the student member of the Bias Incident Response Team, The Daily Caller has learned.

This fall semester at the liberal arts college in New York saw a curiously high number of bias incident reports. On Nov. 14, the college sent a mass email to students advising them that Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) had received at least six reports in the last few months of hateful and insensitive messages being scrawled and spray painted on student residences. Messages included “Avoid Being Bitches,” “F**k Niggers,” and most prominently, “Hey Tranny. Know Your Place.”

“This is unacceptable and members of our community should be able to learn and work in environments that are free of hurtful expressions and behaviors,” wrote Edward Pittman, BIRT coordinator and dean of the College for Campus Life and Diversity, in an email to students.

The email also outlined BIRT’s purpose and role in bias incident response. The task force receives the reports of bias incidents, meets with victims, and provides support for campus efforts to foster diversity and inclusion.

The task force had one student member: Genesis Hernandez, who is transgendered and was also a vice president of the Vassar Student Association (VSA), the student government.

The hoax was perpetuated by two students. One of them was Genesis Hernandez.

Congrats, Genesis. You may be a freakazoid, but at least you get your name added to Moonbattery’s partial but ever-expanding hate hoax list:

• Genesis Hernandez
Danya Morales
Toni Christina Jenkins
Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden
Meg Lanker-Simons
Olander Cuthrell
Charlie Rogers
Sharmeka Moffitt
Joseph Baken
Alexandra Pennell
Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin
Quinn Matney
Aubriana Banks
Sarah Marshak
Tawana Brawley
Crystal Gail Mangum
Kerri Dunn
Leah Miller
Ahmad Saad Nasim

The frequency of hate hoaxes attests to the rarity of the “victim” groups set upon pedestals of privilege by the liberal ruling class ever having to endure even nonphysical abuse. If these events actually happened on a regular basis, there would be no need to stage them.

The lovely or is he/she supposed to be handsome Genesis Hernandez.

On a tip from Wilberforce.

11 Responses to “Hate Hoax at Vassar College”

  1. Softly Bob says:

    My blood boils at the thought of these lying freaks and their hoax hate complaints. One of these days they will tempt fate too much and their hoaxes will conclude with the genuine article.

  2. So Cal Jim says:

    “Hoax” is the only thing Lefties really have to offer anyone. Hoaxes, lies, misrepresentations, supression or ignoring the truth, ad hominem attacks….anything but the strraight truth. It’s been that way since Marx published his Communist Manifesto in 1848.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    The Bias Incednt Response Team needs investigated totaly

  4. KHarn says:

    “Spurwing Plover says:December 3, 2013 at 2:07 pm”

    It’s what a bureaucracy does, SPURWING: First they convince someone that it s necessary, then they try to EXPAND their power by creating “problems”. The B.I.R.T. needs to be disbanded and it’s staff punished for being HATEFUL. That’s one “hate crime” trial that I would support.

  5. Jack says:

    Target = White heterosexual men.

  6. grayjohn says:

    It must be very hard, after taking all the fake classes, and building up all the fake rage, to find that in the real world no one gives two shriveled shits about your cause, or your rage, and that everything you have been taught and believed all this time, and spent so much money on, is a bunch of vapid, vacant, bullshit. You’d have to make up fake crimes just to feel alive.

  7. oldguy says:

    Is this person a white(liberal)Hispanic?

  8. Hill says:

    You go to Vassar and the best thing you can come up with is, “know your place.”

    I am guessing someone got into Vassar thanks to the quota system.

    Female (maybe)-check
    Gay or something other then straight-check.
    Transgendered-check.check. Ding,ding ding.

    I bet you, in her application essay, someone told sob stories about their “struggles”. Eye roll.

  9. Veritas says:

    Do you have to keep posting photos of Obama’s relatives?

  10. Trevor Brown says:

    She is some piece of work She gets expelled from Vassar for using her position there to perpetrate a vile hoax and then she tries to raise money on the internet to become a “surgeon.” She is exploiting her “victimhood.” see

  11. Trevor Brown says:

    She is some piece of work She gets expelled from Vassar for using her position there to perpetrate a vile hoax and then she tries to raise money on the internet to become a “surgeon.” She is exploiting her “victimhood.” see

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