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Dec 26 2016

Hate Hoax in Denton, Texas

Earlier this month we were subjected to an alarming if bewildering tale of racist terror:

A Denton family was awoken early Monday by a neighbor pounding on their door.

The man told them that a truck in their driveway was on fire, Jenny Williams wrote in a blog post,

A motorcycle also had been set ablaze — and, Williams and husband David discovered, someone had spray-painted “[N-word] lovers” on their garage door.

They live in a mixed neighborhood, but both Jenny and David Williams are white.

David Williams’ sister set up a GoFundMe page to help them with expenses said not to be covered by their insurance. Wailed the sister,

The kids won’t be able to have anything under the Christmas tree due to this horrible act. Please of you find it in your heart please donate what you can to help this family of 6 out.

Donations reached $5,155 before they were cut off — probably in light of this revelation:

A Denton woman posted a Facebook status Wednesday night saying her husband admitted to setting his own vehicle on fire in their driveway and spray painting a racial slur on their garage door last week in north Denton.

Jenny Williams said her 35-year-old husband, David Williams, has checked into a mental health facility and will be arrested when he’s released.

GoFundMe donors should be getting their money back, minus 8% fees. It’s a small price to pay to help David Williams achieve lasting fame by joining the Hate Hoax List.

How David Williams saw fit to decorate his garage door.

On tips from Don M and Southernry.

3 Responses to “Hate Hoax in Denton, Texas”

  1. bkhuna says:

    Hate hoaxers should be charged with hate crimes.

  2. jayeS says:

    Why is the “N” word covered up, black people say that all the time and rappers use it extensively in their music. It isn’t like we’ve never read or heard the “N” word before.

  3. Mike_W20 says:

    Mental health facility = modern Moonbat equivalent of church sanctuary.

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