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Aug 04 2018

Hate Hoax in Waco Targets Sheriff’s Department Employee

A hate hoax doesn’t often involve much originality. Right on the heels of a waiter writing a phony hate note on a receipt at the Saltgrass Steak House in Odessa, we read this from elsewhere in Texas:

Freestone County Sheriff Jeremy Shipley is livid over a widely-circulated social media post in which a waitress at a Waco restaurant [the Fuji Japanese Steak House] falsely claimed that one of his employees scrawled a racial slur against Hispanics on a receipt.

The phony note went viral, generating the usual hysterical hostility toward the alleged racist. Family members were also targeted.

An investigation that entailed reviewing surveillance video footage and comparing handwriting revealed the incident to be yet another hoax, to which the unnamed waitress confessed.

“The waitress confirmed that she took the ticket book containing the ticket from the customers at the table, went into the restroom, and hand wrote, herself, on the receipt the racial comment,” [Shipley] said.

Sooner or later an overwrought social justice warrior is going to burn down a family’s house over one of these hoaxes, which keep piling up.

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