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Sep 09 2021

Hate Hoaxer Has Slur Carved Into His Behind

So many hate hoaxes have been perpetrated in a desperate attempt to prop up liberal ideology that hoaxers have to be hardcore to get any attention. It’s not enough to proclaim that you are too stupid to distinguish a garage door pull from a noose. You may even have to carve slurs into your own skin — or have your depraved friends do it:

The 20-year-old had told detectives he was assaulted at the entrance to his apartment block in the Madrid neighbourhood of Malasana.

The ‘eight assailants’ blamed for the attack were said to have cut his lower lip with a knife and then scored the word ‘maricon’ into his buttocks – the Spanish equivalent of ‘fa###t’.

The word “faggot” has become so blasphemous against liberalism as to be unprintable in a mainstream publication. But it’s okay to print “maricón” for now.

Politicians both regional and national rushed to exploit the supposed homophobic attack. However, security cameras cast doubt on the hoax, which soon unraveled.

The unnamed hoaxer…

…admitted he had made up the gang assault, and confessed to consenting to being scarred with a knife during a sado-masochistic sex session behind his boyfriend’s back.

What started out as fun was transformed into a hoax so that the boyfriend wouldn’t get jealous.

It can get pretty sick out there. The sickness has been metastasizing.

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