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Nov 01 2017

Hate Hoaxer Spray-Paints Graffiti, Sets Fire to Church

More racist graffiti:

A maintenance man at a south Kansas City church spray-painted racist graffiti on the front entrance and set a fire inside — all to cover up his theft of money to buy crack cocaine, according to documents filed in federal court on Monday.

The spray-painted graffiti included the usual KKK and untypable N-word, as well as “what appeared to be an attempt at making a swastika.” A surveillance system captured video.

Care to guess the race of suspect Nathaniel D. Nelson? Never mind; that would be too easy.

Nelson says the graffiti was an attempt to throw off investigators. But even if the motive may not have been political, he still qualifies for the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

One Response to “Hate Hoaxer Spray-Paints Graffiti, Sets Fire to Church”

  1. BillyBobBob the Covfefe Bob says:

    “He could’a been a contenda” for a CNN interview and a GoFundMe for mental rehab.

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