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May 27 2019

Hats Off to Matteo Salvini

Countermoonbat Matteo Salvini could be the salvation of Italy. He is flying high after yesterday’s European Union elections:

Salvini wasted no time in asserting his control over Italy’s populist coalition government after a resounding victory in Sunday’s European parliamentary elections. …

The League soared ahead of its rivals to win 34% of the vote in Sunday’s ballot, doubling its score from last year’s general election, final results showed.

Salvini’s success is good news for the Italian economy:

The deputy premier said the next phase will be focused on cutting taxes — the priority of his pro-business party, the League — and insisted he won’t let European Union rules prevent him from delivering fiscal stimulus to the economy.

Of more urgent importance,

He also pledged a “battle in Europe” against illegal immigration.

Europeans have three options. The only sane one is to stand up to the EU establishment and stop the mass invasion from the Third World before a demographic tipping point is reached. If they don’t, they will face the extremely messy task of trying to reclaim their continent afterward. The third option is preferred by the liberal elite: become an extension of Africa within a few generations.

Italians who like the first option best are popping champagne corks.

Even before the election, Salvini was kicking ass and taking names. Via Bare Naked Islam:

On a tip from Kate P.

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