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Nov 11 2018

Heath Levey: Gay Jewish Democrat in Swastika Hate Hoax

WaPo reports on the horrific hate crime apparently committed by Heath Levey:

A Chicago man has been charged with felony counts of committing a hate crime after a surveillance camera captured him scrawling the swastika symbol on property in his neighborhood.

In a news release on Friday, the police department says that 51-year-old Heath Levey was taken into custody after a review of home surveillance footage. Police say the emblem of the German Nazi Party and other graffiti [were] drawn with chalk on garages and fences in the Buena Park neighborhood where Levey lives.

In the context of the liberal spin trying to imply a link between the Tree of Life shootings and Donald Trump, readers are left to gasp in outrage, You see the climate Republicans have created?!?!?!

The Chicago Tribune also reports that in addition to misdemeanor criminal defacement, Levey has been charged with felony hate crime — i.e., thought crime; the felony is not for what he did, but for what he was presumably thinking while he did it.

However, one problem with hate crime laws is that you can never be sure what people are thinking. CWBChicago fills in what the reports linked above fail to mention:

[Levey] is Jewish and was arrested five days before the 2016 election for allegedly threatening to rape and kill an Uptown woman who he believed to be a Republican, according to court records and friends of the man who spoke with CWBChicago. … [Levey] has been openly gay and a professed Democrat for years.

Like many moonbats, Levey appears to be completely out of his mind. On November 3, a woman saw a clearly agitated Levey force his way through her front gate.

Spotting the woman through her front window, Levey reportedly screamed, “I’m going to rape you, you f*cking Republican! I’m calling the CIA. I’m going to kill all the women and children!”

The reason we have mass shootings is that people this crazy are now allowed to run around loose.

Assuming Levey is guilty, and that he is sane enough to understand what swastikas mean for his fellow Jews and that people would be left to assume neo-Nazis are to blame for the graffiti, he has earned a place on the Hate Hoax List.

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