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Sep 29 2012

Hello Kitty T-Shirt Cartoon of Cam Newton Proclaimed to Be Racist

Rioting savages in Islamic hellholes overseas aren’t the only ones who claim authority to determine what Americans can and cannot say. According to moonbatty ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, all blacks are entitled to the role of official censors.

In a bizarre fuss over an utterly innocuous cartoon poking fun at sulky Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in the Charlotte Observer, the righteously oppressed Smith pompously proclaimed,

“You must understand that if you are not an African American, you don’t get to make that call about what we should and should not be sensitive to.”

The cartoon had nothing whatsoever to do with race, except that Newton is black, and therefore any expression deemed critical of him will also be branded as racist by leftist bullies.

Just think of anyone who appears to have African blood as being Mohammed, and yourself as living in Saudi Arabia, and you’ll know what is safe to say.

Only a liberal could sit through this marathon sermon without laughing.

On a tip from b-dob.

38 Responses to “Hello Kitty T-Shirt Cartoon of Cam Newton Proclaimed to Be Racist”

  1. justme says:

    You’d think it was Cronkite covering the JFK assassination judging by the coverage.

    In a formerly great nation where any and all victimhood by non-caucasian, heterosexual males is rewarded by billions in settlements, favored contracts, sensitivity and payoffs – anything and everything is “affecting” some aggrieved member of society and is in dire need of financial redress. The only exception being of course are Heterosexual Caucasian Christians, it is open season on them for theft, beatings, murders, discrimination and terror.

    Welcome to Obama’s America.

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  3. TexasDoc says:

    And if you are a Democrat like Smith, you don’t get to whine and complain about being “victimized” when you are earning as much as he is.

    Typical 1% liberal limousine hypocrite pulling the race card out when his intelligence card was revoked.

  4. EP says:

    a whole lot of loud talkin, a whole lot of sayin nothin.

  5. JP says:

    Is this Smith guy for real? He is acting like the cartoon illustrated a lynching of Cam Newton. It is a flipping Hello Kitty shirt, mocking his behavior and current performance which has absolutely nothing to do with his ethnicity. Enough with the race baiting, Smith. Shut your pie hole.

  6. Jodie says:


    You said it all! Great comment!

    PS: I don’t know anyone dumber than Stephen A. Smith. He is there as a direct result of someone saying that there weren’t enough blacks on ESPN. What a shame. What a disgusting hypocrite he is.

  7. bobdog says:

    I give this one about a 7 on the Laugher Curve.

    This guy’s a stitch.

  8. Laurie says:

    This doofuss started off by saying: “I wanted to make sure my thoughts WAS as eloquent as possible….”

    With one misuse of the English language, this guy showed his IQ very clearly – definitely lower than 100. Which explains why he gets so offended at a cartoon.

    All I can say is….his life must be really empty if he makes himself feel important by going through magazines looking for cartoons to get offended at.

  9. Laurie says:

    That being said, though….I like his statement: “YOU don’t determine what we get offended at…WE decide what we get offended at!”

    I think it’s time the white people in America took up that call. I get offended by blacks calling us “white”. I get offended at being accused of “racism” every time some black guy/gal gets his/her panties in a bunch.

    So, along those lines, I think white people should riot every time some black whines about being offended and blames whites. Only we burn down *their* neighborhoods instead of our own.

  10. Screwy Puppy says:


    I do not care about sports at all. But I did watch the video and my knee-jerk reaction is that Cam Newton thinks he’s a great man but acts like a little girl. Now if the T-shirt was a logo of KFC it might have been racist. Chic-fil-a could have made it racist and homophobic, a two-fer.

    I loved the insanity of coloring of the artwork.
    1) Cam wasn’t colored dark. That is a PITA with pen and ink. Unless the artists uses zip-a-tone, it ain’t gonna happen.
    2) Cam admit I imagined the shirt pink, but the cartoon was black and white.

    I haven’t been drawing enough for my blog. I just might have a field day with this guy.

  11. wingmann says:

    I wasn’t born a racist…I’ve been forced into it.

    “You must understand that if you are not an African American, you don’t get to make that call about what we should and should not be sensitive to.”

    how does this sound to you?

    “You must understand that if you are not a white American, you don’t get to make that call about what we should and should not be sensitive to.”

    Sounds kinda RACIST huh? And why can’t you call yourselves A M E R I C A N S ? Why the segregation?

    Not to worry smith,we have aqcuiesced to your screeds…you won’t be punished for bad behavior…matter of fact,it is encouraged!
    Doen’t that story just make you swell with pride?

  12. AC says:

    This was said by a man whose employer has not hired any Eskimos.

    Who’s the racist now?

  13. AC says:

    The NFL is sexist because it does not hire women.

    If it did, any player who tackled a woman would be a violent male chauvinist, and any player who did not tackle a woman would be denounced for treating them as a “weaker” sex.

    Good grief, this identity crap needs to stop.

  14. Alphamail says:

    AC @ 9:53 am

    In your scenario, if the running back was a black female and the defensive tackle was a white guy, either the guy gets life in solitary or we have another damned beer summit.

  15. wingmann says:

    Looks like the NF-ail has some splainin’ to do.Better get the EEOC on this racist group pronto!

    The racial demographics of the NFL: 31% White/European, 67% Black/African, 1% Hispanic, 1% Asian; 99% National, 1% International.

  16. MissAnthropy says:

    Isn’t this the guy who frequently calls into Hannity’s radio show? I’ve never understood the love affair Hannity has for this guy.

    I can’t believe this cartoon is controversial. Cam Newton’s schtick is the “Superman changing out of his disguise” thing, and given his lackluster performance so far this season — and excessive celebration of a late game meaningless touchdown last Thursday against the Giants — the cartoon is calling him out. Right now it’s not a Superman logo on his chest.

  17. wingmann says:

    It’s soooo annoying to see a team getting stomped and watch a losing player(with no chance of winning) jump all around the field when he makes a play…I always say,SELFISH AHOLE,CHECK THE SCOREBOARD.
    There is not an”I”in team…but there is a”me”.

  18. Ummah Gummah says:

    MissAnthropy says:
    September 29, 2012 at 10:50 am
    Isn’t this the guy who frequently calls into Hannity’s radio show? I’ve never understood the love affair Hannity has for this guy.

    Hannity is a liberal posing as a Conservative. He is always busy proving that he’s “not a raaaacist”.

    He has on Sharpton and Jerckson all the time, addressing them as “reverend” every chance he gets.

    The guy is more pusillanimous than imus!


  19. Jimbo says:

    ESPN has been infested with PCacists for years and years. A few years ago I recall the squirrelly little bald headed pip-squeak NFL commentator call for banning of all guns. There website commentary reads like a liberal love-fest site.

    And FOXSports is just as bad.

    Both networks loaded with fools.

  20. Vic Kelley says:

    There is no such thing as “African American.” The proper word is colored, although the n-word is also acceptable.

    As for deciding what is offensive or what is ridiculous I absolutely reserve the right to decide. Some colored talking head can go shove it.

    Cam Newton is an a-hole. His teammates say this about him, too. He is a prima donna. He was that way at Auburn also.

  21. M. Wilson says:

    So he admits that the criticism behind the cartoon’s joke is valid, that the cartoon is not racist, but then turns around and says that because the player in question is black, he is not to be questioned by the white serfs.

    It’s almost as if the argument I had laid out in two previous threads is playing out before our eyes. Imagine a world where your skin color is the final measure of your virtue, where your race is the absolute determinant of your station in life. If we don’t reverse this monstrous mutation of political correctness, if we don’t put our feet down and demand that we be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin, we will be there all too soon.

  22. Rob Banks says:

    Watching this video, I found myself wishing someone would reach over and clamp a clothespin on this mouthy negro’s lips.

  23. Narrator 1 says:

    I’m black. And I say that you are drumming up a bunch of race-baiting nonsense, you complete tool and that you should shut up and sit down.

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  25. Drury says:

    Just another example of why I no longer watch or give two flips about “professional” sports. When you have an industry employing idiots possessing IQ a standard deviation below the mean making millions of dollars for chasing, dribbling, kicking, and throwing balls; well, it breeds the same sort of imbecility in the industry that follows and promotes it, which would be the sports news information companies like ESPN. This chump Smith is just one of many sports talking heads who in a normal and just society, would be lucky to have a job cleaning toilets for a living.

  26. George Adair says:

    Well tht is 7 minutes of my life I just wasted. Smith can kiss my royal brown spot. It was a joke you fool.

  27. KHarn says:

    =”You must understand that if you are not an African American, you don’t get to make that call about what we should and should not be sensitive to.”=

    Funny I’VE been saying that to LIBERALS for years! So pay attention to mr. Smith, REGRESSIVES: the next time you feel the need to tell “black people” what they should be offended by, SHUT THE H*LL UP!!

  28. bobdog says:

    What’s that high pitched noise? Is that some sort of dog whistle I hear?

  29. Sam says:

    Stephen A. Smith, the sports version of Toure Neblett — paid to sit around, look perpetually pissed off, over-enunciate like Jesse Jackson and look for boogeymen white racists.

    The problem with ESPN, even on radio, is the network has spawned multiple little Stephen A. Smiths. You can’t go 11 minutes now without some semi-literate twit screaming loudly and shucking and jiving.

    Fuck sports.

  30. Catblaster says:

    I eagerly await the same outrage when a white QB is portrayed as a whiney girl. If they want to be treated the same, then they need to understand that this is what that means. White players and others in the spotlight for years had silly cartoons drawn of them when their behavior was ridiculous. How many Bush as a chimp did we see during his eight years? Well…if equality is the desired outcome in race relations then here ya go. What is really interesting to me here is Newton is now in a profession where he has to produce something and to use a cliche…the rubber’s hitting the road.

  31. Catblaster says:

    Whoopie Goldberg was using this same line of crap on The Spew the other day, talking over Coulter. Am I noticing a meme beginning…only certain people can be arbiters of what is offensive and what isn’t? How dare they tell me that because I’m not a particular race, I can’t determine what is offensive. And just because something is offensive to me doesn’t mean I have any right to silence that. This is where the insipid hate speech crap has gotten us.

  32. LittleMissPerfect says:

    OMG, whatta blowhard! That’s a man who takes himself way to serious!

  33. Tchhht!!! says:

    I listened to about 45 seconds. That was enough. Where’s Howard Cosell when you need him?

  34. Mark says:

    I am going to pull every hair out of my fucking head if this stuff doesn’t stop. Lets start by removing the head black guy in charge.

  35. Sarge says:

    The word is elaborate not ‘laborate’, that is as far as I got before realizing that Mr. Smith had nothing worth hearing.

  36. Dear God says:

    I kept waiting for the whole panel to start laughing. That WAS a joke, right?

  37. Rex Freeway says:

    What a racist bigot looks like. He walks thru life with a perpetual chip on his shoulder know that no one will question his actions. That is unless they want to be attacked and called a reporter for ESPN. I did not laugh. What a joke

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