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Nov 27 2018

Hells Angels Vilified After Collecting Alms for Poor

Even in today’s sick world, could you really be denounced for manning a Salvation Army donation kettle outside a Valparaiso, Indiana Walmart? Sure — if you are members of Hells Angels wearing politically incorrect insignia:

Saturday afternoon, the Northwest Indiana Region charter of the big red club posted photographs of three members posing next to a kettle with the caption “Thank you Valparaiso for showing your support for our less fortunate neighbors, You helped us fill 6 buckets fulla cash! Big thanks to the Salvation Army for the opportunity to help our community.”

What could go wrong? One of the Angels was wearing a side rocker that read “Aryan.” Another guy had adorned his vest with a Confederate flag.

When the photos circulated on Facebook, outrage ensued. Social justice warriors boldly took to their keyboards to issue stern denunciations. The suits at Walmart pleaded to Newsweek that it wasn’t their fault. The Salvation Army bleated that it was “embarrassed” and announced that the thought criminals will not be allowed to raise alms for the poor in the future.

Hells Angels responded that their “worldwide, multinational, multiracial motorcycle club” allows members to wear heritage-based patches. Latinos wear “LATINO,” Japanese wear “BUSHIDO,” and whites wear “ARYAN.”

Those who don’t like it are advised not to join Hells Angels.

Stated a spokesman:

“However like all Americans, we love exercising our freedom. Sometimes freedom means you see and hear things you may not like. We accept that. The focus of today has nothing to do with freedom though. It has to do with charity and sacrificing for you community. I’d suggest to those making negative comments that maybe a little less time should be spent exercising your freedom of speech and a little more be spent to making a positive difference in our society.”

At the moment, I would rather donate to Hells Angels than to the Salvation Army.

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