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Mar 17 2012

High Gas Prices Then and Now

There was a time when high gas prices were a bad thing, and the president was blamed for them. But that was before the media was fundamentally transformed by Hopey Change:

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9 Responses to “High Gas Prices Then and Now”

  1. Dr. 9 says:

    Here’s something else the Marxist-in-Chief is doing “for you”…

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is inching closer to lifting the ban on gay men donating blood.
    The Department of Health and Human Services said it plans to study alternatives to the 1983 ban on blood and plasma donations by men who have sex with other men.

    A notice about the study in the Federal Register this week explained that improved screening for HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis could still keep the blood supply “safe”…. — NY Post

  2. Kevin says:

    the hypocrisy and arrogance on display here is staggering!! We the people no longer have a free press that will report the news to us…journalism is dead…sad to see..and this arrogant man child in the white house is truly scary…

  3. White_Polluter says:

    Excuse me, I have to put some algae in my car.

    How do we get this stuff out into the real world? I’d say 90% of people don’t see this stuff, they are just going to hear 57 States telling them that oil drilling is at an all time high. Seriously, do we post this stuff on the Facebook? Argue about it at work? Forward Emails? Set ourselves on fire? I’m at a loss.

  4. Bob Roberts says:

    You can bet that, in those secret meetings outside the White House (where records of who is coming & going are not kept) they’re doing all they can to figure out how to tamp down on all the drilling that’s going on.

  5. Henry says:

    Progs will avoid this thread.

  6. AC says:

    Keep up the Post-It campaign on the gas pumps.

    The sheeple must be woken from their slumber.

    They don’t quite understand Marxism, the road to serfdom, or quantitative easing, but they will understand high gas prices putting a crimp in their budgets and summer travel.

  7. Henry says:

    Henry says: March 17, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    Imagine that…

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