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May 21 2019

High Hopes for Brexit Party in EU Election

Nigel Farage’s brand new Brexit Party is flying high in Britain coming into Thursday’s European Union election. From Roto-Reuters:

According to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer newspaper, Farage’s newly formed party is on 34% of the vote ahead of the May 23 election that Britain is participating in because it failed to leave the European Union as expected at the end of March.

Moonbats are so frustrated, they have been reduced to throwing milkshakes in lieu of making arguments.

Second-place Labour is at 20%. Theresa May’s backstabbing liberal establishmentarian Tories have deservedly collapsed to 12%.

As Paul Joseph Watson explains, if the election goes well it will be a repudiation of moonbattery:

Prime Minister Nigel Farage. That has a nice ring to it.

Moonbats’ heads would explode.

On tips from Lyle and Kate P.

One Response to “High Hopes for Brexit Party in EU Election”

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