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May 20 2017

High-Ranking Fort Worth Officers Demoted Over Leaks in Race Case

University of Missouri has shown us the damage Black Lives Matter ideology can do when it infects a college. Imagine the effect when it infects the police department of a major city.

In Fort Worth, Officer William Martin was subjected to demonization by Shaun King et al. after being insufficiently respectful and supposedly using excessive force against a Woman of Color and her daughters when their obnoxious behavior forced him to arrest them. The controversy was kept alive when someone leaked Martin’s body cam footage as well as nonpublic information including his Social Security number and his home address, placing the life of his pregnant wife in jeopardy.

Investigators have now proven that two high-ranking black officers were guilty of this criminal leak:

Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald demoted the two men — Assistant Chief Abdul Pridgen and Deputy Chief Vance Keyes — to the rank of captain at meetings Friday … that were referred to as “disciplinary hearings.” Keyes will be suspended three days, and Fitzgerald is recommending that Pridgen be demoted further, to sergeant.

Pridgen predictably responded by promising to sue. Fort Worth had narrowly dodged this guy becoming Chief of Police; he was one of six finalists for the position.

As Fitzgerald noted,

“Both of these men were in a chain of command that oversees the internal-affairs section, and they had a unique duty to protect that information.”

Another responsibility they ignored was to be truthful with investigators. Yet they were not fired, much less subjected to criminal charges over the leaks.

Naturally moonbats will seize on these wrist slaps as evidence of racist oppression. Lee Merritt is the lawyer of Jacqueline Craig, the belligerent woman who set all this in motion by forcing Martin to arrest her. In a statement, Merritt barks the sort of duckspeak that can be expected:

“The core values in the department become clear: an officer that assaults black women and children, falsifies documents, repeatedly violates citizen’s civil rights, that’s no big deal,” Merritt wrote, “but if officers break with the long-standing tradition of turning a blind eye to brutality, corruption and racism, this will not be tolerated.”

In addition to having his life endangered by the leaks, Martin was suspended for 10 days. But social justice warriors would have preferred to see his head on a stake.

The dominant Affirmative Action mentality guarantees a relatively easy climb up the career ladder for black officers. If they owe their positions to their race, it is hardly surprising that some of them will prioritize loyalty to their race over law and order. But we can’t have a merit-based society, because that would be racist.

Cultural Marxism has undermined every other institution that we formerly trusted and took for granted, why should local police be an exception?

13 Responses to “High-Ranking Fort Worth Officers Demoted Over Leaks in Race Case”

  1. JackisBack says:

    Watch your backs White Officers; The Black Klux Klan has infiltrate your ranks.

  2. Jester says:

    This is all pretty simple, people. May I translate? The duckspeak means this:

    “The core values in the department become clear: an officer that votes Democrat or Left-Wing, that’s no big deal,” Merritt wrote, “but if officers fail to vote for Democrats or Leftists, this will not be tolerated.”

  3. Agrippa says:

    Kinda like the Democrats, eh? Lots of “deep state” operatives leaking like sieves — nothing matters but the party; to Hell with America; anything to get Trump out of office (Election? What election?). Totalitarianism rules, baby! Fascist a’holes . . .

  4. geeknerd says:

    White privilege is illustrated by the fact that white people aren’t arrested when they act like the woman and her children in the police body-cam footage.

    Oh, white people RARELY act like that in front of police, and when they do, they ARE SO arrested.

  5. geeknerd says:

    Also black officers; the BKK will throw YOU under the bus, too, like your mother’s brother Thomas.

    BLUE lives really matter.

  6. MAS says:

    This is not unheard of and color isn’t always an issue. I once had a chief deputy give up my address to some lowlife relatives. He suffered zero consequences but I had to repair and pay for the vandalism that came from it. Oh forgot to mention that he was a captain before this and was promoted to chief after.

  7. Hungjumper says:

    And these two scumbags still have jobs????

  8. Juliaekull says:

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  9. ICEvictim says:

    compare those two buffoons to Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee county
    jerks like this make all blacks look bad

  10. ICEvictim says:

    that’s the sad part

  11. MAS says:

    Should have demoted them to line officer and put them in a patrol car. Let the line staff help them to see the error of their ways like nobody else could. Oh they need some backup? I’m on it, waitress can I get a warm up please?

  12. MAS says:

    I’d wager that there is some civil service commission rules in place that does not allow them to be axed.

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