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Jan 10 2019

High School Basketball Coach Fired for Harmless Joke

Spontaneity and humor are incompatible with political correctness. You must watch every word, lest you say something insufficiently reverential toward the allegedly oppressed. When a high school basketball coach at Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita forgot this, the Arizona Interscholastic Association came down hard:

An AIA spokesman said the official, who it would not name, asked visiting Pueblo High School’s coach if his players had their green cards. The comment came just before tipoff, as the coaches and officials were getting together on the court for introductions.

Snitches reported the harmless joke thought crime to authorities, resulting in the coach’s prompt termination.

Likely due to the ongoing demographic transformation of the Southwest — largely a result of illegal immigration — Pueblo High School is almost entirely Hispanic.

Pueblo athletic director Brandon Sanders was out of town when the incident occurred, but said Wednesday that the school will begin its own investigation as soon as possible.

The guy has already been fired, what do they need an investigation for?

Maybe it will turn up another thought crime, so they can fire him some more. Or maybe the investigation will be an end in itself; in that case, they should ask Robert Mueller to take charge of it.

On a tip from Varla.

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