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Nov 08 2018

High School Hate Crime in Georgia

Snellville, Georgia has produced good news and bad news for moonbats. First the good news:

News that members of Brookwood High School’s marching band used instrument covers to spell out a racial slur upset and saddened many members of the Gwinnett County community.

Now for the bad:

But when they found out the perpetrators were minorities, it was like a one-two punch.

Here’s how the students poked a hole in The Narrative:

Some sousaphone (a brass instrument similar to a tuba) players assembled themselves to spell out the word ‘coon’ using instrument covers that are normally used to spell ‘Broncos,’ the school mascot.

Apparently, it wasn’t a hate hoax, but merely an adolescent attempt at humor.

The students — two black, one Asian, and one Hispanic — told administrators that they thought what they did would be funny.

Liberal authorities ought to be delighted: three different races, working together toward a common objective, no whites in the picture. But no.

At least it provided an opportunity for the standard self-righteous PC grandstanding that we always hear after hate hoaxes. Barks Brookwood Principal William Bo Ford Jr.:

“I am hurt and disappointed in these students and their actions that have stunned our community. As you all know, this is not who we are. Brookwood is proud to be an inclusive and accepting school community.”

More rhetoric:

“What happened here is a microcosm of what’s going on nationally,” said Penny Poole, president of the Gwinnett NAACP chapter. “These kids created a hostile environment…”

At last word, punishment had not yet been decided, but Ford described the culprits as “developing teenagers,” implying that they will be cut some slack. Lucky for them they aren’t white; in today’s climate, they might be drawn and quartered.

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