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Feb 27 2019

High-Speed Rail Fail

According to the apocalyptic Green New Deal promulgated by the Future of the Democratic Party and endorsed by all the major Democrat presidential candidates, we will have to forego air travel because it is offensive to the climate. We don’t need it anyway; our liberal overlords will bestow upon us high-speed rail instead.

Even Crazy Mazie Hirono cast doubt on the feasibility of high-speed rail from Hawaii. The recent debacle in Oregon, where 183 Amtrak passengers were incarcerated on a train for 36 hours, demonstrated what reliance on government-managed rail travel would be like. Possibly still more devastating is that normally spendthrift Gavin Newsom pulled the plug on the ballyhooed LA-SF high-speed rail project that had become a bottomless pit for taxpayer money.

Understandably, Trump would like California to give back $3.5 billion it received in Obama stimulus money for the aborted rail line. Shockingly, California won’t cough it up.

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