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Nov 20 2019

Hilarious Cancel Culture Video — From New York Times!

If even the New York Times understands, it must be obvious that the cancel culture mentality has gotten out of control. This is almost worthy of Monty Python:

You really can get canceled for saying something politically incorrect even if it is in the context of condemning someone else for saying it. That’s why you don’t see Papa John on TV anymore. The same thing happened to Mary Beth Maxwell of the Human Rights Campaign — and she declared her own canceling to be just.

As PJ Media notes, the New York Times takes part in the cancel culture too — on a selective basis:

In February 2018, the Times fired tech journalist Quinn Norton a few hours after hiring her to the editorial board. Her crime? Tweets that included derogatory slurs for gay people and black Americans. Norton apologized for her tweets, but explained that “[w]hen I speak to communities, I used their language to do it.” She described the outrage over her old tweets as “context collapse.”

In August 2018, The New York Times hired Sarah Jeong, who had shared her disdain for white people on Twitter. Among other things, she compared people to dogs and “groveling goblins” based on the color of their skin, and confessed that she took a sick pleasure from “being cruel to old white men.” Naturally, the Times decided to keep her on — and emphasize the fact that she had been bullied on social media.

Rather than denounce the shady Gray Lady for hypocrisy, let’s hope she is coming to recognize the error of her Jacobin ways.

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