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Nov 28 2018

Hillary’s Precarious Health

Looks like Hillary’s precarious health has not improved:

The Clintons kicked off their speaking tour with Hillary suffering from an uncontrollable coughing fit.

While addressing a half-empty crowd at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada, on Tuesday night, the former secretary of state devolved into hacking.

The hacking cost her an opportunity to answer a question about how it’s Vladimir Putin’s fault she lost in 2016. Unless she has tuberculosis, maybe she was just choking on the B.S. she normally coughs up on this topic.

Good thing there were not many people there to witness her embarrassment. Ticket sales for the Clinton tour have been dismal. It might help if they promise this is their last tour ever, like the comparably anachronistic Kiss is doing (no offense to the countermoonbats of Kiss).

Regarding Hillary’s health, the prolonged coughing fits don’t concern me as much as the way her head has been sinking between her shoulders. Before long, she will have to unbutton her top to see where she is going — and no one wants that.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and 1-Bodhisattva.

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