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May 04 2024

Hims Promises to Hire Pro-Hamas Protesters

Regrettably, it is not feasible to boycott the entire liberal establishment. But at least we can avoid the online pharmacy Hims in light of this:

The founder and CEO of telehealth and online pharmacy Hims took to social media on Wednesday to encourage anti-Israel protesters on college campuses to continue in those efforts because companies like his will be “eager” to hire them.

Andrew Dudum, who founded Hims in 2017, said anti-Israel campus protesters are making a difference and drew a contrast to other executives who have said the antisemitic demonstrations have made those involved in campus protests unemployable.

The protesters are making a difference, all right. In light of the Left’s support for Hamas following the October 7 terror atrocities, you can no longer align yourself with it while pretending to mean well. The rotten little brats occupying college campuses are expressing unadulterated evil — as even those who rely on the liberal media for information cannot help but know.

“Moral courage > College degree,” Dudum wrote on X.

Raping women, mutilating babies, and supporting these activities by illegally occupying college buildings constitute “moral courage” according to moonbats, confirming that their viewpoint is achieved by pushing depravity as an end in itself to the last possible extreme.

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The stock price of Hims & Hers Health, Inc. plummeted 8% after the company’s CEO said he and other executives were “eager” to hire anti-Israel student protesters who’ve faced disciplinary actions from their universities.

Get woke go broke. There will be a financial reckoning for progressives, as decent people finally start to push back.

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