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May 16 2019

Hiralbahen Bhavsar Aborts Her Baby 5 Days Too Late

From the progressive point of view, there’s nothing wrong with what Hiralbahen Bhavsar did; she was just a few days late. Or maybe she is an election or two ahead of her time:

Hiralbahen Bhavsar, 29, of Little Ferry, New Jersey allegedly slashed her baby’s throat and arm last Thursday night. The baby died at only five-days-old because her mother “didn’t want her,” according to police reports.

Here’s why the police arrived right away:

Police responded to a complaint from Bhavsar after her husband went berserk and allegedly tried to kill her in response to what she had done to their infant daughter.

Isn’t it just like a patriarchal male not to recognize her right to choose?

Bhavsar attempted to commit suicide while being questioned by police, which law enforcement impeded her from doing successfully. She is being observed at the Bergen New Bridge Medical Center.

Looks like they have her on the psych ward. Why aren’t Democrat politicians like Ralph Northam who advocate “aborting” babies even after they have been born also under observation on the psych ward? If the Democrat Party keeps veering leftward, what Bhavsar did may soon by legal.

On a tip from Jester.

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