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Mar 06 2017

Hisham Saadi Joins the Hate Hoax List

When Islamophobia rears its horrible head on campus, chances are excellent that we have yet another addition for the Hate Hoax List. Sure enough:

After blaming what now appears to be an imaginary white supremacist organization claiming inspiration from President Donald Trump, Montreal police have arrested Hisham Saadi, 47, in connection with Wednesday’s bomb threat hoax at Concordia University, located in the center of Canada’s second-largest city.

A mysterious email, purportedly coming from the “Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada (C4),” was sent to Canadian media outlets and had authorities combing the city for white supremacists and seeking an Islamophobia conspiracy after the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center suggested the group was a Canadian version of the U.S. Council of Conservative Citizens, a racist organization.

Hopefully, law enforcement will save itself from future goose chases by learning a lesson about taking the kooks at SPLC seriously. It appears that C4 does not even exist.

The hoax was necessary because Islamophobia to weep over is in short supply at dhimmified Concordia.

The threats came in the middle of Concordia’s “Muslim Awareness Week” that was sponsored by local Muslim Student’s Association. No Islamophobia has been reported at the university; Muslim students actually have a prayer area located next to the school’s cafeteria.

Concordia spokesperson Chris Mota told The Montreal Gazette that no one has complained about the special status accorded Muslims at the university.

Hoaxer Hisham Saadi, the middle-aged student who closed three buildings in downtown Montreal with his bomb threat, is of Lebanese origin. He is being treated to a psychological assessment. Chances are good that his punishment will consist of having to sit through a couple of counseling sessions, featuring a psychologist holding his hand and apologizing for all the Islamophobic trauma he has theoretically experienced.

On tips from rpp618 and Billybob Bob.

13 Responses to “Hisham Saadi Joins the Hate Hoax List”

  1. MAS says:

    “He is being treated to a psychological assessment. ”

    Dr MAS has already made his diagnosis…it Islamomania with active Taqiyya syndrome. Never heard of it? Well it’s more accurate and honest than my phony Md…

  2. rpp618 says:

    The SPLC was certainly a willing accomplice to this hoax. They should be given at least an honorable mention on the Hate Hoax List.

  3. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Hang the heck on. A bomb threat was issued by an entity referring to itself as “C4” and nobody even questioned its validity?

  4. Rotohammer says:

    “Muslim Awareness Week” – well, I’m now more aware of at least one Muslim.

  5. ICEvictim says:

    “fake but accurate” an SJW meme from way back

  6. BUBBA says:

    Dumb azz muslime.

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