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Apr 19 2019

Historic School Mural Removed for Depicting White People

It will take a great deal of cultural purging to bring the past in line with the nonwhite future progressives are progressing toward. Educrats at Julian Middle School in Oak Park, Illinois are doing their part:

A Chicago-area middle school has removed a 1930s mural that depicts only white people after parents and students complained it didn’t “reflect or represent” the “diversity” of the student body, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The forbidden mural is “Child and Sports–Winter” by Ethel Spears (1937).

The population of the USA was 89.8% white in 1930 and still 89.8% white in 1940. Looks like all art from that period that depicts people’s skin will have to go down the Memory Hole to placate the Thought Police — except of course that Cultural Marxists will never be placated so long as anyone remembers that Caucasians ever existed.

One Response to “Historic School Mural Removed for Depicting White People”

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