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Aug 25 2016

Hitler Finds Out About Trump’s Great Illegal Immigration Flip-Flop

Hitler reacts to Trump’s predictable 180° reversal on the issue that won the hearts of those who took him at face value:

Many have justified their support for the lifelong moonbat Trump by depicting it as a desperate Hail Mary pass. “We KNOW Hillary will be awful. Trump might be just as bad, but we don’t know it for sure.” Well now you do know it. Unless your head has been encased in concrete, there is no way to keep out the knowledge that Trump’s entire campaign has been another one of his scams.

Trump would govern as a left-wing tyrant, much like Shrillary except that the blame for his ruinous regime would be projected onto conservatives. There is no excuse for not understanding that, now that he has admitted he has no intention of going to the right of Obama on illegal immigration.

Many of Trump’s supporters will cling to him even now, despite the way he played them for chumps. Like The Donald said about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue…

Trump has zero credibility now. That condition is contagious and will spread quickly to his continued supporters.

On tips from Torcer.

52 Responses to “Hitler Finds Out About Trump’s Great Illegal Immigration Flip-Flop”

  1. Pork_Soda says:

    Ok this movie scene and people messing with it to score political points has officially jumped the shark. It has been SO OVERUSED. It is seriously a good flick though so please stop effing with it so damned much! sheesh…

  2. V Saxena says:

    No, you didn’t … LOL!


  3. NotKennedy says:

    That’s one funny SOB!

  4. Torcer says:

    Making Amnesty Great Again?

    ‘This Is Basically Jeb’s Position’: Trump Vows ‘No Amnesty,’ But Says He Will ‘Work With’ Illegal Immigrants

    Flip-Flopping Trump Goes Full-On Pro-AMNESTY, RINO, Establishment, Globalist, Cuck via @thepolitistick

  5. Torcer says:

    Flip-Flopping Trump Goes Full-On Pro-AMNESTY, RINO, Establishment, Globalist, Cuck via @thepolitistick

    Say WHAT now? Can anyone translate Trump’s latest illegal immigration position? via @twitchyteam

  6. Torcer says:

    Trump Supporters Spit, Writhe, and Equivocate Over His Immigration Flip-Flop | RedState

  7. Torcer says:

    The Day I Stared My Inner Chavista In the Eye and Did Not BlinkMay 26, 2016
    Hugo Chávez saved me from the left.
    And by left, I mean, you know, la izquierda mal bañada.
    Thanks to a recent decision by the Supreme Tribunal (TSJ), I’ve been able to get in touch with that part of my psyche. And sort of come to terms with it. But we’ll get back to that.

    Lately, I’ve been having the weirdest dream. I enter a house, probably in Prados del Este, Santa Mónica, or San Antonio. A woman receives me in the foyer, it’s Daniella Cabello. It’s a PG dream, sorry. She walks me in, serves me a rum and coke, and shows me to the living room. Sitting in a victorian chair, like a modern day Napoleon, is her father: Diosdado Cabello. I’m scared, but I sit down anyway. He raises a glass of rum and coke, ¡salud! And we start drinking, and chatting, and making jokes, and talking about life, the Universe, you know, everything. And you know what? I really liked him. He was such a good host, such a great guy.

    Am I a closet chavista? Do I secretly admire them? Do I want to be their friend? Is my inner little Gollum winning this battle? The thought has troubled me for weeks.

    Some days later I dreamt that Donald Trump joined us. And he was lovely too! And Diosdado and him toasted their billions away, and Donald made a pass at Daniella, and Diosdado didn’t care, and we were such a happy bunch. And this? What the hell could this mean? Well, probably that Donald will jump to the left once he gets the official nomination to grab all those disenfranchised Bernie Bros who hate Hillary, but we’re waaay off track now.

  8. TrojanMan says:

    @2:08 “We had free trolls to do our bidding day in and day out”

    Hmm and here i thought they were paid hillary trolls. My bad.

    @2:11 “They would’ve stayed with us the whole was as long as we didn’t cave on amnesty”

    No worries Herr Trump they will stay with you even if you publicly endorse Clinton.

  9. FrozenPatriot says:

    Indeed, trolls like KanklesWorship are positively awful and ineffective Trump surrogates…really makes a feller wonder…

  10. Mr. Freemarket says:

    No no…… But Hillary is so much worse!!!

  11. trump 2016 and after says:

    I have seen this on democratic underground for hillary. show where your at now. we will not forget!

  12. TED says:

    THUS proving Hitler’s Brownshirt’s are WAY smarter than STUMP’S Brownshirts!!!

  13. TED says:


  14. Daniel says:

    Taking the media bait 🙂 You guys are amazing. Trump is baiting you and the media to bring about the attention on him that will lead to his presidency.

    While Hillary’s life is absolutely crumbling down and even the leftist media is calling for a shutdown of the foundation, Trump has chosen different ways to speak about the same policy which rocketed him ahead in the primaries.

    “…take out the lumps! You gotta take the lumps out…” He used to say that in every speech from the beginning. He stopped telling that little story but the meaning is clear.

    What you people see as reversals and flip-flops are merely rephrased expressions of the exact same thing as before. They all STILL have to leave and the process they might go through is the same as before. The only difference may be is that they have more US dollars and US living experience which would give them a qualifying edge on approval to return… that is *IF* they learned anything and *IF* they saved enough money to go through the process which is expensive. He’s not offering anyone a free ride.

    Trump is guilty of spin. I’ll give you guys that. But the facts at the core remain.

  15. KirklesWorth says:

    Godwin’s Law. Hey, Hillary-enablers!

  16. KirklesWorth says:

    Absolutely right. Not only will she naturalize illegal democrats, she wants to provide all illegal democrats with health care to boot. From – As president, Hillary will:

    Introduce comprehensive immigration reform. Hillary will introduce comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to full and equal citizenship within her first 100 days in office. It will treat every person with dignity, fix the family visa backlog, uphold the rule of law, protect our borders and national security, and bring millions of hardworking people into the formal economy.

    End the three- and 10-year bars. The three- and 10-year bars force families—especially those whose members have different citizenship or immigration statuses—into a heartbreaking dilemma: remain in the shadows, or pursue a green card by leaving the country and loved ones behind.

    Defend President Obama’s executive actions—known as DACA and DAPA—against partisan attacks. The Supreme Court’s deadlocked decision on DAPA was a heartbreaking reminder of how high the stakes are in this election. Hillary believes DAPA is squarely within the president’s authority and won’t stop fighting until we see it through. The estimated 5 million people eligible for DAPA—including DREAMers and parents of Americans and lawful residents—should be protected under the executive actions.

    Do everything possible under the law to protect families. If Congress keeps failing to act on comprehensive immigration reform, Hillary will enact a simple system for those with sympathetic cases—such as parents of DREAMers, those with a history of service and contribution to their communities, or those who experience extreme labor violations—to make their case and be eligible for deferred action.

    Enforce immigration laws humanely. Immigration enforcement must be humane, targeted, and effective. Hillary will focus resources on detaining and deporting those individuals who pose a violent threat to public safety, and ensure refugees who seek asylum in the U.S. have a fair chance to tell their stories.

    End family detention and close private immigration detention centers. Hillary will end family detention for parents and children who arrive at our border in desperate situations and close private immigrant detention centers.

    Expand access to affordable health care to all families. We should let families—regardless of immigration status—buy into the Affordable Care Act exchanges. Families who want to purchase health insurance should be able to do so.

    Promote naturalization. Hillary will work to expand fee waivers to alleviate naturalization costs, increase access to language programs to encourage English proficiency, and increase outreach and education to help more people navigate the process.

  17. KirklesWorth says:

    You should be thanking me for helping you “wake up” people by pointing out your tacit Hillary support – your mocking of my alias notwithstanding.

  18. Occam's Stubble says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

  19. TED says:

    ENJOY lefty TROLLS!

  20. 762x51 says:

    As a result of this flipflop and many others, tRump is losing to, of all people, Hillary Clinton, the most easily defeatable candidate in history.

    The Progressive Trumpanzee Chorus will hate this so I’m leaving here. Now watch as they go into overdrive to shoot the messenger.

    Luckily, this messenger, shoots back . . .

  21. 762x51 says:

    ROTFLMAO! Anytime you think you have what it takes, asshole.

  22. kirklesDouche says:

    ROTFLMAO!! That is fucking hilarious!

    You couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel, wrinkledick. Wake up? How about piss off? That is all you have really accomplished here, douche bag.

  23. 762x51 says:

    Every campaigner needs a pair.

  24. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry, but the “I hate everybody” doesn’t insulate you from a Hillary presidency – which you are helping create.

  25. KirklesWorth says:

    You have as much cleverness as you have honor and integrity. So continue to be a progressive helping Hillary and plan to exterminate the “unclean” U.S. citizens like a good little fascist.

  26. Wilberforce says:

    Same here, my coworkers are staring at me 🙂

  27. Torcer says:

    Yes, one has to wonder why a supposed trump acolyte would not be able to articulate the many and myriad reasons one should cast a vote for the man.

    Just it is also strange that someone who opposes the woman isn’t out beating the bushes to find and post stories on her negatives or engage the national socialist left on their sites…

  28. Torcer says:

    What has it actually accomplished here for all of it’s vitriol?

  29. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry, I have a full-time job not involving scouring the internet for anti-Trump stories. It’s takes too much of my time just trying to keep up on what anti-Trump stuff you’ve posted next. Although I did get this one in the recent Open Thread:

    In the past, Senator Lindsey Graham has lobbed some harsh words like, “Tell Donald Trump to go to hell” and “My party has gone bat**** crazy” at Donald Trump. But now, the senator’s tune is a bit different.

    “When it comes to Donald Trump, I like what I see,” Graham said.

  30. KirklesWorth says:

    Not as much anti-Trump sentiment as you’ve generated obviously. Three times as much more than your anti-Hillary sentiment…like you want Trump to lose three times more than Hillary…hmm…

  31. 762x51 says:

    You can tell it is a paid political operative by its simplistic repetition of the same message, “three times as muck anti-tRump as anti-Hillary”, for example. Over and over and over again. It certainly has managed to maintain an anti-tRump environment, thereby shifting focus away from inmate Hillary.

    It posts almost nothing about Hillary, an easy target to say the least. Instead, it focuses only on tRump, generating massive amounts of ill will toward him with its daily barrage of fascism. Jerklesworth has probably done more damage to the tRump campaign than the Hillary people could have hoped.

  32. 762x51 says:

    Spin, spin, spin away, little troll. Your weak attempt to try and hang your traits on me have failed. Opposing your clear fascism with force is the correct response, you don’t like it, leave.

    Killing the enemy is what I do. “Support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” is the mission and “Close with, engage and destroy the enemies of the United States in close combat”, is how that mission is accomplished. No one here forced you to become a fascist. No one here forced you to come here and badger people everyday with your incessant, fascist bullshit. No one here is forcing you to stay. You want to play the game, asshole, well here it is. Fascism cannot be implemented without the use of force. Fascism cannot be defeated without he use of force. You selected the mode of this conflict when you choose fascism.

    You Progressive fucks started this war, now you will have to try and survive it, fat chance. I am prepared to die in battle, if you aren’t, then you should quit while you still can.

  33. kirklesworthCultFollower says:

    Yet you seem to have plenty of time to post your cult crap here at all hours of the day and night.

  34. KirklesWorth says:

    When it comes to loyalty, you sure are a good attack dog.
    You are helping Torcer get Hillary elected for a pat on the head. Well, make sure when you make your execution list of progressives to exterminate, you put yourself at the top and make a good speech about it like a good little fascist.

  35. 762x51 says:

    ROTFLMAO!! You write that looking in the mirror. little pansy fucktard?

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