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Feb 19 2020

Homophobes, Sexists, Racists to Be Denied Healthcare in UK

The reason socialized medicine is the holy grail for leftists is that once Big Government controls healthcare, it controls who gets healthcare. This is bad news for those who are past their taxpaying prime, as Michael Bloomberg reminds us. It is also bad news for those the government regards as thought criminals.

From Britain, land of the socialist National Health Service, via Sky News:

Sexist and racist patients could be barred from non-emergency care at NHS trusts, under new rules to be enforced from April.

Denial of “non-emergency care” will inevitably lead to life-threatening situations in some instances.

Currently, staff can refuse to treat non-critical patients who are verbally aggressive or physically violent towards them.

But these protections will extend to any harassment, bullying or discrimination, including homophobic, sexist or racist remarks.

If you ever have the misfortune to find yourself in a British hospital needing treatment, be extra polite to the bureaucrats and avoid any remark that could have political overtones, lest they decide you hold incorrect attitudes.

In addition to denying medical care, the NHS will also sic the police on thought criminals who commit microaggressions:

Health Secretary Matt Hancock wrote to all NHS staff on Tuesday to announce stronger measures to investigate abuse and harassment towards staff, saying “no act of violence or abuse is minor”.

In the realm of moonbats, if a member of a protected group is offended by something, this constitutes “violence.”

“All assault and hate crimes against NHS staff must be investigated with care, compassion, diligence and commitment,” he said.

There won’t be much compassion for accused thought criminals though. Otherwise, they would be given medical care.

Under socialism, all the animals on the farm are equal. But racists/sexists/homophobes/transphobes/Islamophobes/ableists/white supremacists/global warming deniers/conservatives/etc are not as equal as those who find them offensive.

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