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Jan 01 2019

Homosexual Marriage and Education

One progressive victory in the Culture War leads to another. Imposing homosexual marriage on society by tyrannical judicial decree was not an end in itself, but only a means that enables further means. Suppose you would like to protect your children from homosexual indoctrination. That is not an option, now that five justices have ruled that depravity is normal.

Two years after marriage was redefined in Massachusetts, David Parker’s son brought home a book from his kindergarten classroom. The book was designed to celebrate and normalize homosexuality and same-sex marriages.

Educrats rejected a request by Parker and other enraged parents that their kids be able to opt out of sexuality discussions.

Soon after Parker met with the school principal and the curriculum director to discuss the issue. Frustrated by their dismissive response to parental concerns, Parker refused to leave the meeting until the issue was resolved. Eventually, the school had Parker arrested.

He spent the night in jail.

Parker filed a suit. It was dismissed by a federal judge who proclaimed that indoctrinating small children to embrace homosexuality would make them better citizens in the kind of country this is turning into.

For now, parents like Parker have the option of homeschooling. However, as a taxpayer, he does not have the option of not paying for extravagantly expensive public schools.

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