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Nov 28 2019

Hong Kongers Celebrate Thanksgiving

You don’t have to be American to be thankful for America on Thanksgiving. You might live in Hong Kong.

Via the Washington Examiner:

On Wednesday, Trump signed legislation that required the State Department to do an annual review of the relationship between Hong Kong and China to ensure that China does not overreach and hamper with Hong Kong’s autonomy.

This required some integrity on Trump’s part. He is counting on a healthy economy to overcome the media’s overwhelming opposition and get reelected. Securing a trade deal with China would help. Irritating the ChiComs will not make this easier; now they are growling about “firm countermeasures.”

The legislation may have upset China, but the people of Hong Kong were thrilled. Thousands took to the streets with American flags in a “Thanksgiving rally” out of appreciation for the legislation.

America is not only a place and a people, but a principle. One thing we have to be thankful for is that our government has not abandoned this principle to appease communists.

On a tip from Ellen Olenska.

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