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Jun 06 2012

Honoring D-Day

Sixty-eight years ago today, the course of human history appeared to be flowing inexorably toward tyranny — until D-Day turned the tide toward freedom. In honor of the anniversary, Google commemorates this momentous event:

google d-day

Apparently today is also the anniversary of the opening of the first drive-in — or maybe the closing of the last one; who cares?

Here’s how the Community Organizer in Chief is honoring D-Day:

It’s D-Day and President Obama is hitting the beaches — of sunny California!

Instead of scheduling a brief event to mark the 68th anniversary of America’s brutal landing on the shores of Normandy, Obama is already on his way to San Francisco, where he will hold two fundraisers before moving on to Beverly Hills to stage two more.

Obama failed to mark D-Day with either a speech or a written proclamation both last year or the year before.

Such a busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for trips to Normandy, or even the National WWII Memorial back in DC.

Too busy to play Commander in Chief.

On tips from Shawn.

22 Responses to “Honoring D-Day”

  1. J says:

    One may gather that Google wouldn’t care if the world today were under NAZI boot.

    As for that political wh@re, he’ll be feverishly packing even more fundraisers after yesterday.

    Here is a little tribute to the heroes of the D-day.

  2. modd kenwood says:

    our national disgrace will be over in just a few months…

  3. Aridog says:

    As a veteran of a long ago war, I for one, do not care if Obama celebrates any military memorial occasion. Fact is, I’d prefer he abstain completely, rather than put out the projectile vomit inducing exhibition that he did at the memorial Wall 28 May 2012.

  4. -Sepp says:

    Think about it…why would Obama ever consider marking a day when Americans stood up to tyrany and, kicked off the end of a socialist regime?
    …It would be like him celebrating along with us in november as he watches his own regime circling the bowl.

  5. StanInTexas says:

    Obama has AND CONTINUES to denegrate our military at every opportunity. His contempt for our brave servicemen and women knows NO BOUNDS!

  6. Jimbo says:

    ‘Bing’ opts for Dubai over D-Day.

  7. wingmann says:

    This is appropriate for D-Day…Rock on Gene!

  8. Sam Adams says:

    D-Day happened domestically yesterday. The win of Scott Walker and the failure of the unions dealt a serious blow to the domestic Fascists.

    Our veterans have fought against just the type of government tyranny that we are being subjected to today. The beaches have been stormed; the resistance has been overcome. Now we must battle all the way to Washington DC.

    God Bless the men and women who have worn the uniform of our country, and have been willing to give their all for the freedoms we enjoy. We owe them the debt which can only be repaid by doing our part to make sure their sacrifice has not been in vain.

  9. Clingtomyguns says:

    Google can do what it wants as a private business enterprise, no matter how unpatriotic. We can choose to not use it.

    Obama considers it no big diversion from his job responsibilities to fly around the country on the taxpayer’s nickel to do 4 fundraisers. WTF is he doing as a POTUS today. All he has ever been doing and knows how to do is fundraise and campaign. No wonder nothing ever gets done or its done half a$$ by him. And not even leaving on Air Force 1 until 9:20. Bush 41 and 43 used to get to work by 6:45am and have meetings, but Obama probably hasn’t ever rolled over in his bed by then. Why can’t he even get up early to schedule a breif ceremony to honor the troops who fought to defend this country that he unfortunately presides over as POTUS. No wonder the military disdains him.

  10. Spider says:

    “Too busy to play Commander in Chief…”

    Yes he is. His far too busy being the Marxist-in-Chief. Perhaps the American people will start to see his deep-seated contempt for America and our dedicated warriors. And, his ghetto-ass wife is even worse.

  11. Chris in N.Va. says:

    Our Narcissist-in-Chief, Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac, has inserted his ID dead-center into his “Senator Present” persona and transformed it into being a PresIDdent.

    His only focus in life is his obsession with the unholy trinity of Me-Myself-and-I and in increasing the stranglehold of his personal power day by day.

    The the malignant narcissist the entire world is simply a prop to use to further validate his own perceptions of superiority and transcendence.

  12. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    * sigh *


  13. KHarn says:

    This is also the day that Rome was captured.

  14. Vic Kelley says:

    D-Day was child’s play compared to the danger Obama faced when he – all by himself – infiltrated into Paki and killed Osama bin Laden with a Bowie knife. Remember, bin Laden had an AK-47 and a lot of bodyguards. Obama just had the knife.

  15. Logic Mine says:

    I don’t google. I haven’t googled in years because of their staunch iconoclastic views.

  16. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Obama gave out the diplomas at the Air Force Academy graduation. Then, right after the Thunderbirds started their show, it was interrupted while sh*tbird helicoptered to his next fundraiser. Shows a lot of class.

  17. Clingtomyguns says:

    I think Obama is feeling the heat and has offered to finally honor D-Day by officially renaming Omaha Beach to Obamaha Beach, since his as we all know he claims that his father served in WWII.

  18. Max says:

    I’m slowly transferring my emails from google to my ymail account. The Memorial Day flag google displays on the site gets smaller every year, too.

    As far as I’m concerned, they’re done.

  19. czuch says:

    The fact of the matter is, we oppressed the folks that took countries away from the people who couldnt manage it themselves. Everybody knows that. What the Germans did was to help the underrepresented masses and spread the friedom equally. As with most regimes, some spread was thicker in spots. Gypsies,dissidents,Jews and the like. (Didja catch the lib points there?)
    Sarcastic font ,off.
    2012/2013,,,,,maybe sooner

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