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Feb 13 2020

Hoplophobes Call Cops on 6-Year-Old With Down Syndrome

You might have thought the militant hoplophobia prevailing at public schools had reached peak self-parody when 7-year-old Josh Welch was suspended for accidentally eating a Pop-Tart into a shape that vaguely resembled a gun. But no. Now educrats have sicced the police on a 6-year-old girl suffering from Down syndrome because she made a finger gun.

From Tredyffrin, Pennsylvania:

Maggie Gaines understands why her daughter’s teacher at Valley Forge Elementary School went to the principal after the 6-year-old pointed her finger at the teacher like a gun and said, “I shoot you.”

What she doesn’t understand is why she and her husband had to end up on a conference call with the Tredyffrin Township police the next day, giving their names and ages to an officer.

Gaines was told that her daughter, Margot, who has Down syndrome, had triggered a threat assessment by the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District — and that, under district policy, school officials had to call police.

Considering the ideological climate, it is unlikely that teachers are instilling in children a proper reverence for the fundamental right to bear arms — and as Reagan said, freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction.

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