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May 03 2019

Houston’s Proposition B Puts 220 Firefighters Out of Work

Ham-fisted moonbattery has consequences. Those that are not malicious are usually unintentional. A case in point is Houston’s Proposition B, which mandates that firefighters be paid the same as their counterparts in the Police Department:

The letters notifying 220 Houston firefighters that they are being laid off because of the cost of Proposition B have been sent, according to officials.

From a statement by Houston Fire Department Chief Sam Pena:

“The City of Houston has experienced a sizable budget shortfall due to the implementation of Proposition B. Without an agreement to phase-in the cost of $80 to $100 million per year, the city has stated there is no option to balance the budget without a reduction in fire department personnel.”

Too bad Houston doesn’t print its own currency; then it could finance expenses like this through inflation, like the federal government does.

The city wanted to phase in the massive expense over 5 years, but the firefighters union, insatiably greedy as unions tend to be, said no dice. So firefighters lose their jobs, mainly because voters wanted to use force to express good will toward firefighters.

It will be nice if advocates of raising the minimum wage ā€” or of even having a minimum wage ā€” learn something from this debacle. Unlikely, but nice.

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