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Dec 13 2018

How American University Promotes Diversity and Inclusion

Never attempt to make sense of applied political correctness. This futile task will twist your brain into a plate of spaghetti. To be woke is never to think anything through; just go with whatever seems moonbattiest. An example from the student newspaper of American University:

As AU carries out its diversity and inclusion strategy and takes a closer look at improving the University’s campus climate, students and administrators have pushed for the creation of more spaces for students of color.

They want to increase diversity through segregation and to enhance inclusion by excluding the majority population.

Already, access to the Hub for Organizing Multiculturalism and Equity (HOME) is granted only to those who belong to “communities of color and allies.” This explicitly racist arrangement is presented as a cure for racism.

If you see nothing wrong with this, you deserve an honorary degree in doublethink from American University.

Black students don’t like it that nonblack persons of color and even racially self-hating whites are allowed in HOME. They want it to be more like the Black House at Georgetown.

[S]ome students said that they seek a space where they can be with people of their same identity.

A white student who said that would be expelled.

Black supremacists demand special accommodations at American University because last year someone — probably a person of politically preferred pigmentation perpetrating yet another hate hoax — strung up some bananas. This stunt earned PPPPs an extension on their final exams. The campus Bridge cafe forbade white customers for the rest of the semester.

Here’s an idea to help AU blacks who don’t want to share their special race space. Base eligibility to use the space on SAT score. Thanks to Affirmative Action, if the cutoff is low enough, HOME will be blacker than the actors in a typical TV commercial.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

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