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Feb 02 2019

How Birth Tourism Screws Americans

The wall is a no-brainer, but there are even higher priorities. The misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment that grants birthright citizenship must be overturned immediately. It does not merely victimize American taxpayers by allowing unskilled immigrants both legal and illegal from the most dysfunctional backwaters of the Third World to climb aboard the Welfare State gravy train by dropping a baby on our soil. Even wealthy foreigners exploit the madness through birth tourism.

Dongyuan Li’s business was called “You Win USA,” and authorities say she coached pregnant Chinese women on how to get into the United States to deliver babies who would automatically enjoy all the benefits of American citizenship.

Over two years, the now-41-year-old raked in millions through her business, where mothers-to-be paid between $40,000 and $80,000 each to come to California, stay in an upscale apartment and give birth, authorities said.

Li has been busted for visa fraud among other charges. Many others in this racket have escaped back to communist China. But the business model remains viable thanks to a system that forces Americans to finance childbirth for whomever shows up.

Once the kids turn 21, they can return from China to the land of their birth and sponsor their parents for green cards. Given that China is arguably our most formidable adversary in foreign affairs, this poses obvious security concerns.

Democrats don’t seem to care, so long as anchor baby policy produces plenty of government-dependent voters. For their part, Republicans are terrified the Fifth Column media will call them racists.

Not enraged yet? Let’s see if this heats you to the boiling point:

Each [birth tourism] business brought hundreds of customers to give birth in the United States and some didn’t pay all of the medical costs tied to their care, prosecutors said. One couple paid the indigent rate for their hospital bills — a total of $4,080 — even though they had more than $225,000 in a U.S. bank account they had used to shop at luxury stores including Louis Vuitton, according to court papers.

If we were governed in our best interests, the anchor baby nonsense would end immediately. Obviously, we are not.

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