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Jan 14 2019

How Bradley Manning Honored Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Like other transsexuals, Bradley Manning has a pathological need for attention, so it was cruel to ignore his latest stunt. Last Wednesday, he acknowledged Law Enforcement Appreciation Day by tweeting a picture of a Thin Blue Line flag — that was on fire:

“f— the police,” Manning tweeted alongside the photo.

Not as gifted with originality as he is with wokedness, Manning tweeted the same words on the same day last year.

Here Manning explains why he hates the police so much:

Past bids for attention by Manning include committing 750,000 acts of treason with the largest intelligence leak in US history (for which he had his sentence commuted by the sympathetic Barack Obama), declaring himself to be a woman named Chelsea and undergoing grotesque sexual reconfiguration, attempting suicide, running for Senate, and tweeting a picture of his feet on a window ledge to signify he was considering suicide again.

For these antics, the liberal establishment has rewarded him by releasing a benefit compilation by moonbat musicians, featuring him in a New York City parade, fawning over him adorantly in the media, and almost but not quite making him a visiting fellow of supremely odious Harvard University.

Here’s a fun thought experiment. Consider a homosexual activist who got an unknown number of Americans and American allies killed by leaking sensitive documents because he was in a spiteful mood after quarreling with his boyfriend. What would happen to him if he were to go out in public in a world with no police?

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