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Jul 05 2017

How Colin Kaepernick Spent the Fourth of July

Colin Kaepernick, the mediocre, grotesquely overpaid NFL quarterback who has theatrically refused to stand for the national anthem because he thinks America somehow oppresses him, is not letting up on the a-holism. While we were flying our flags, scarfing hot dogs, and setting off fireworks in honor of America yesterday, he was in Africa denouncing our country:

Home? We could only wish he would make Africa his home. However, that would put a crimp in his limousine leftist lifestyle.

Note the comparative skin tones. Kaepernick is maybe one-quarter African. He looks more Arab than black, and could probably pass for white if he wanted to. But there would be no advantage in that.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

24 Responses to “How Colin Kaepernick Spent the Fourth of July”

  1. StephaneDumas says:

    Guess who’s the real ones who robbed your ancestors? I think I hear that kid shouting “that’s racist” again.

  2. NorthWulf says:

    Kaepernick is an oikophobic bigot, through and through. May he never learn that slavery is an institution we appropriated from his black ancestors.

  3. Swordie says:

    Who is Colin Kaepernick?

  4. Agrippa says:

    Colin, who? Oh, he’s some kind of player in the NFL — who gives a shit? You know, you miserable PoS, you can leave (and stay gone) any damn time you want? Please follow this advice . . .

  5. Cecil Henry says:

    He went home, but even as a millionaire has NO desire to live there. He went home, but ignores his homes prevelant and even continuing role in slavery throughout history.

    Why doesn’t he stay home. I’d throw in a tenner if he would.

    The only thing worse for nonwhites than having to live in a country built by whites is not being allowed to immigrate to a country built by whites.

  6. Mike says:

    He went home? To Turlock California where the white couple who adopted him and raised him live?

  7. Momster says:

    I hope he enjoyed a nice, tall glass of water while he was there.

  8. Bodhisattva says:

    As you also pointed out…

    You don’t need to be an anthropologist to see that beak is not of sub saharan Africa origin. Colin’s roots are in the Arab slave trade across the Maghreb. Time to get off the victim tour and sign up for the apology tour. – jcko

  9. Bodhisattva says:

    NOPE he’s soon going to be out of the NFL, they don’t want him. From what I’ve read, he opted OUT of his current contract with the niners and is now a free agent… and nobody is rushing in to pick him up.

    It is certainly baffling, from a football sense, that a man with a Super Bowl start on his resume hasn’t been offered as much as a backup slot in a league with a dearth of quarterback talent. Even Blaine Gabbert, who was benched last season when Kaepernick returned to the starting lineup, has a new job. Gabbert signed with the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday.

    Kaepernick, meanwhile, hasn’t been publicly linked to any team. Although Kaepernick has been seen publicly while engaged in some charity causes during the offseason, he hasn’t commented on his football prospects. Edwards, also a consultant to the 49ers, wouldn’t reveal which teams contacted him and said that he hasn’t spoken to Kaepernick since he opted out of his San Francisco contract.

    But if he’s so worried about racism, why doesn’t he speak up about the OBVIOUS racism of the NFL – a league that is more than 70% black, apparently – when blacks don’t even make up 15% of the general population? How is it there are so many in the NFL if the NFL abides by the lunatic leftist ideals of diversity and fairness? And don’t get me started on the NBA, also over 70% black!

  10. itsatax says:

    Africans: ‘Who is this white guy?”

  11. sheikyermami says:

    Distinctly Arab features. Is he looking for slaves for when the caliphate takes over?

  12. 127guy says:

    Let’s hope that he finds a barber there.

  13. JackisBack says:

    Obama is proud of him.

  14. BUBBA says:

    The way he looks and acts I would say a turd was his origin, not Africa.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Pretty much.

  16. Anonymous says:

    He sure ain’t a ballplayer from his skills…

  17. geeknerd says:

    WHICH homeland? He looks half black.
    By the way, they STILL HAVE slavery in most African countries with large Muslim populations. The US of A is the FIRST country EVER to outlaw slavery!

  18. TED says:

    Marching for HIS mother also!!!!


  19. TED says:
    The more intelligent part of the leftist movement…

  20. TED says:

    .. Hey Colin (what an appropriate name), YOU have choices BOY!

  21. btybrdy says:

    It’s a mystery we never may solve: why won’t one of the NFL owners pay this fine young man millions of dollars to become the face of their franchise? Must be racism.

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