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Nov 08 2018

How Jim Acosta Got Himself Banned

Not only are we not allowed to call the Third World army marching on the US border under a foreign flag with the stated intent of invading our country an army, we are also not allowed to call it an invasion. So rules CNN propagandist Jim Acosta from the soapbox he set up at what was supposed to be a Trump press conference but which soon degenerated into a Three Stooges pie fight, lacking only the pies, one of which should have been planted firmly in Acosta’s smug face.

Mark Dice provides footage and covers CNN’s predictably ludicrous spin:

Viewers will note that Acosta was asking questions only in the narrowest technical sense. What he was really doing was indulging in demagoguery. Characteristically, he hijacked the press conference so that he could hold forth with his deranged ideology, even refusing to yield the microphone.

CNN wasn’t responsible enough to send a real reporter capable of behaving like a professional. This forced the White House to issue the ban. The purpose of these events is so that we can hear from the President, not from the insufferable Jim Acosta.

Since the ads Acosta denounced as “racist” so get under moonbats’ skin, let’s give one of them another look (the other version is here):

Nope, I still don’t see anything racist about it — unless of course border defense and maintaining law and order are inherently racist, as Acosta probably believes.

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