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Oct 16 2019

How John McCain Will Be Remembered

Those who managed to sit through the Democrat debate last night learned at least one thing: how Republican Senator and presidential candidate John McCain will be remembered now that he is gone. He will go down as the one Republican Democrats could like.

The Democrat presidential candidates were asked to name “unlikely” friends…

“For me, it’s John McCain, and I miss him every day,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar said. …

Bernie Sanders also cited McCain…

Joe Biden said that McCain was a dear friend.

“John McCain worked for me,” Biden said…

He didn’t work so well for his fellow Republicans though. He almost seemed to take a deliberate fall in the 2008 election, and then killed what will probably be the last chances to repeal ObamaCare. Maybe they should call it McCainCare.

McCain will also be remembered as a warning of the dangers of an excessive devotion to bipartisanship, especially when only one party is willing to be bipartisan.

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