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Jul 06 2020

How Many Black Lives Will Black Lives Matter Moonbattery Cost?

Do black lives matter? Not to Black Lives Matter and its allies they don’t. By now everyone knows how the Ferguson Effect works.

After the maniac Michael Brown was shot in self-defense by a white police officer in August 2014, leftists exploited a false version of the incident to whip up riots. The frenzy of hostility directed at police caused them to pull back and assume a more passive role. Heather Mac Donald recalls the consequences:

By early 2015, the resulting spike in shootings and homicides had become patent and would lead to an additional 2,000 black homicide victims in 2015 and 2016, compared with 2014 numbers.

The Ferguson riots were a tea party compared to the unrest the liberal establishment has generated in the name of the violent career criminal George Floyd.

Today’s violent-crime increase — call it Ferguson Effect 2.0 or the Minneapolis Effect — has come on with a speed and magnitude that make Ferguson 1.0 seem tranquil. … Every day, another mainstream institution — from McDonald’s to Harvard — denounces the police, claiming without evidence that law enforcement is a threat to black lives. … Black Lives Matter has gained billions of dollars in corporate support, more billions in free round-the-clock media promotion, and a ruthless power to crush dissent from the now-universal narrative about murderous police bigots.

This moonbattery has turned the country into a war zone.

The current tolerance and justification for vandalism and violence; the silencing of police supporters; and police unwillingness to intervene, even when their own precincts are assaulted — all send a clear message to criminals that society has lost the will to prevent lawlessness. In Minneapolis, shootings have more than doubled this year compared to last. Nearly half of all those shootings have occurred since George Floyd’s death, according to a Minneapolis Star Tribune analysis. … In nearby St. Paul, reported firearms discharges have more than doubled.

The gangbanger shooting spree is not limited to the Twin Cities.

In Chicago, 18 people were killed and 47 wounded in drive- and walk-by shootings last weekend.

Victims include a 1-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl. But they weren’t killed by the police while resisting arrest, so their lives don’t matter, politically speaking.

The previous weekend in Chicago, 104 people were shot, 15 fatally.

That time casualties included a 3-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl.

New York City’s homicide rate is at a five-year high; the number of shooting victims was up over 42 percent through June 21 compared with the same period in 2019. The number of shootings in the first three weeks of June was over twice that of the same period in 2019…

Milwaukee’s homicides have increased 132 percent. … Shootings are spiking in Indianapolis. … So far this year, more people have been killed in Baltimore than at this point in 2019, which ended with the highest homicide rate on record for that city.

The carnage is wonderful news for the liberal establishment that has brought this situation about with its war on police. The stats can be used to support the coming gun grab. Liberals don’t want to see more Mark McCloskeys standing up to their mob.

Gangbangers and their relatives and neighbors are not the only victims of the rising tsunami of criminal violence.

Sadistic and gratuitous attacks on elderly citizens have been accelerating in recent weeks — a 78-year-old woman punched casually on the head in Brooklyn; an 80-year-old man knocked to the ground, dragged and robbed in the Bronx; and a 92-year-old woman slammed into a fire hydrant in Manhattan’s Gramercy Park. The high-volume delegitimization of American justice and the incessant drumbeat about white supremacy will likely result in an increase in black-on-white violence, which already accounts for 85 percent of all interracial attacks between blacks and whites.

However, most of the victims of the George Floyd Memorial Summer of Blood have been black, because blacks are more prone to violence and tend to live around other blacks.

So far this year, 78 percent of all homicide victims in Chicago are black, though blacks are less than a third of the population.

Despite liberal attempts to frame everything imaginable as a racial issue, promoting the riots and vandalism is not about race. If Democrats could have achieved the same objectives under the guise of preventing global warming, they would have done so. That’s what the Green New Deal was about.

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