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Jul 05 2019

How Moonbats Celebrated Independence Day

ABC/CBS/NBC grinches sulkily refused to cover the national Independence Day celebrations yesterday (so did CNN and MSNBC, of course). But it was no use; Americans were swept up in the patriotic spirit anyway. Except moonbats. They were swept up in a different kind of spirit. Their behavior was what we have come to expect:

A small scuffle ensued with a pro-Communist group lit an American flag on fire in front of the White House and a veteran Trump supporter confronted them over it.

The commies were from the New York City Revolution Club. Here’s video:

That’s why showing love of country is now regarded as a divisive and controversial partisan issue. Progressivism has progressed to the point that only one side is in favor of it.

On a tip from Varla.

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