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Feb 07 2017

ISIS and the War on the South

George Orwell said it well:

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

Islamic State applies this principle with its characteristic subtlety:

This provides insight into the liberal campaign to eradicate Southern heritage, which has targeted not only flags but historic monuments (e.g., here, here, here, here).

On a tip from TED.

31 Responses to “ISIS and the War on the South”

  1. 762x51 says:

    I have said it many times, Progressives = Hajjis and should be treated the same.

    Some on MB have a problem with that, weird, huh?

    There is a reason they are allies.

  2. Gene says:

    This is Islam.

  3. KirklesWorth says:

    Speaking for myself, you have mischaracterized my problem(s) with your “treatment” of “progressives”:

    1. You think that Trump is a progressive.
    2. You think Trump supporters are therefore progressive.

    This inability to discern progressives from non-progressives is particularly troublesome, since the ultimate goal for your “progressive purge” is the abrogation of the Constitution in order to start a civil war to justify the murder of so-called and often subjectively misidentified “progressives”:

    762×51►Tom: (5/14/2016) When civil war begins, soon, I will hunt Progressives as I have hunted other enemies of the Unites States, on the battlefield.

    762×51►ww11: (2/19/2016) The civil war you Progressive scum have been fomenting can’t start soon enough to suit me. Killing you motherfuckers is so going to be a public service.

    762×51►JeffersonSpinningInGrave: (10/28/2015) American society must be purged of the Progressives and the criminals they have in power before we can talk about returning to what makes America great.

    Only after the Constitution is abrogated can those pesky rights of free speech, due process, jury trials, etc. be disregarded to permit the unrestricted killings of what used to be American citizens. Even the acknowledgement that the anarchy to oligarchy transition means “America will never be the same” doesn’t come close to implying this will be better post-progressive-purge.

    And being a misidentified “progressive” myself, I have a particularly personal problem with this whole charade.

  4. JackisBack says:

    How much of that destruction did Obama’s Administration finance with its hatred of Western civilization?

  5. 762x51 says:

    Aww, professional liar jerkleTw*t doesn’t like how I exposed his support of Progressives.

    I agree, your inability to discern Progressives from non-Progressives is particularly illuminating – OF THE FACT YOU ARE A PROGRESSIVE. You think because some scumbag claims to be a ‘republican’ they aren’t a Progressive. Goes hand in glove with your Not Hillary limited intellect.

    I’m not the one starting a civil war, jackhole, your Progressive friends are and your beloved Progressive Retardlicans are collaborating with them. I didn’t invent Hajji, I didn’t invent Progressives, I didn’t make you what you all are, enemies of the United States.

    As for CW II happening sooner rather than later, the sooner it starts the better because waiting until the enemy is fully prepared is not how you win. Every day you and your kind delay the inevitable increases the casualties. I know, you don’t care because a weasel like you is going to run and hide and hope others will do the dirty work for you. Maybe some of you flat square range shooting gun owners will give a try. They’ll get killed but that’s what you get for not preparing.

    GFY RINO scum.

  6. KirklesWorth says:

    Thanks for confirming your inability to distinguish progressives from non-progressives. If there is a progressive here, it is the one who regularly uses liberal tactics, insults our president and our government, and is attempting to overthrow our Constitutionally elected government.

    Your intellectual vapidity and willful ignorance indicates your judgments should not be trusted for anything of consequence and you should be considered a hostile to the United States and the Constitution. You are way more of a threat to our country than I will ever be. Aside from selectively honoring the Constitution, you have also demonstrated your intentions of selective honoring our laws as well:

    I will not comply, I will not obey their laws, I will not fund their agendas, I will not recognize their authority, I will not surrender.

    Obeying the orders of the President only applies to those orders that are LAWFUL an increasingly rare occurrence today since this president never met a Constitutional clause he didn’t violate. But notice that the oath is to support and defend the CONSTITUTION, not the dictator.

    No Soldier’s Oath, abrogating the Constitution, intended lawlessness and mass murder – just how are you a “protector of the Constitution” again?

  7. Jack Bauer says:

    Yeah…you’ve said it many times….lol.

    But the real problem is that you call EVERYONE, no matter how conservative, a “progressive” if they disagree with you about ANYTHING. Literally dozens of your posts prove this. This type of personality disorder is no different than people on the left calling others fascists or Nazi’s if they disagree with them about anything. You also have implied in various ways, that no one here has the unique ability to recognize “progressives” like you. Really? Please, get over yourself. For example, everyone here knows there are lefties in the repub party–we’ve got it already!

    To compound the disorder, you then offer posts suggesting that you can’t wait for civil war to break out, so you can have the opportunity to shoot all those YOU consider progressives. What kind of sane person literally salivates over the prospect of a civil war in their own country where literally hundreds of thousands, including the innocent, would die? Some of us may privately consider it inevitable someday– but actually looking forward to it is another matter entirely.

    This is a place that Dave has generously offered for the exchange of political ideas, which can at times, vary significantly from poster to poster, albeit the vast majority appear to be pretty conservative on most issues. Nonetheless, many of us have had rather spirited, sometimes heated, debates with one another, yet manage to do so without the need for name calling or making threats, or constantly judging one another’s conservative bona fides.

    Quite frankly, there are times when I believe that you might be a plant from some lefty group, posting this rubbish because you want to feed a stereotype that the left likes to promote, which is to color all conservatives as intolerant, gun-toting, wackos.

  8. 762x51 says:

    Spoken like a true Progressive. Either that or you are too stupid to understand English. However, you did graduate top of your class in lemming school.

    Thanks for posting what I wrote about OBAMA as if I wrote it about your cult leader,Not Hillary. You lying scumbag.

    Any time you are ready jagoff, just let me know.

    GFY, anti-American, RINO Traitor.

  9. KirklesWorth says:

    What did I lie about? Anything? Nothing? Another pathetic lie.

    What do I care what a Not Trump Hillary surrender monkey says whose “loyalty” is selective to the Constitution and whose “god” (that you aren’t worried about standing in front of) is cool with lying, hating, ignoring our laws, and wanting to judge and execute others…? Your “god” sounds muslim.

    762×51►KirklesWorth: (1/8/2017) My loyalty is to the Constitution, my worship is to God.

    That comment was completely hallow. Your first desire is to abrogate the Constitution for your civil war and whatever “worship” you preach certainly isn’t Christianity – but that’s not surprising because you keep lying like:

    762×51►Jodie: (12/24/2014) Christians have a duty to confront evil and the vast majority of Christians today do not. They give tacit approval to evil by willfully ignoring its presence. As I have previously said, tacit approval is approval nonetheless.

    You know as much about Christianity as you are able to distinguish between progressives and non-progressives…squat.

    There isn’t going to be any time I am “ready” for anything regarding you and your murderous compulsion other than reposting your “wisdom” and as I have previously explained:

    KirklesWorth►762×51: (1/31/2017) You are angry at me because your “brute force” approach to life has been a demonstrable failure here, which is why you are desperately trying to change the venue to give yourself a military advantage over your obvious intellectual and tactical disadvantage. But please continue to demonstrate your self-hatred for saying such pathetic things that are so easily disproven, and hypocritically project all of your lies onto me even though you haven’t got a shred of evidence for anything you claim. While I on the other hand…

  10. 762x51 says:

    Jack? I thought Jack’s off today, lmao.

    Looks like your first mistake was trying to think. I like the straw man argument claiming I think I’m the only one who can recognize Progressives. It was very Progressive of you to come up with it. Claiming I have “implied” something I have not. Sounds like the problem is perception which places it between your ears. Another Progressive tactic is using the mental /personality disorder ruse and you have included both in one post, excellent job.

    It should be clear to you by now that I don’t give a crap what you or your butt boy jerklesTwerp think. You don’t like my posts, meh. As for name calling, I have been called many things by the maggots here, things they could never survive saying to my face, never heard you complain about that. I have no idea if you are veteran or not, if you are then tell me how you would react to some scum calling you a traitor? Say it to my face you better be prepared to defend yourself.

    Obviously not everyone gets it that there are lefties in the Retardlican party, jerkoffsTwit doesn’t believe that at all.

    I notice you don’t have a problem with twerpleJerk rolling in here with a stated goal of “keeping an eye on things” , gathering data on posters so they can be “reported” later. Apparently, you are quite comfortable with fascism. Personally, I didn’t fight the IslamoNazi’s only to come home and have that same fascism pushed on me by little twerp who thinks he’s all that. The little bastard came here looking for trouble, well he found it.

    Unlike tinkles and his cult, I’m not looking for followers or conscripts. I’m trying to warn people about what is coming because the survival of civilization depends on them stepping up the Properties are willing to fight, obviously. No one here can muster anything more than self righteous indignation, BFD. You sound like one of the “gun owners” here who think because they are awesome at their flat square range on a sunny afternoon that they are ready, LMFAO! Clearly you still don’t get it or you wouldn’t be wasting time on fantasy political BS that is never going to happen. Keeping your “dangerous”thoughts private. Good thing you weren’t around in 1776, July 4th would be just another day for tea and crumpets. You don’t like what I post, don’t read it. I don’t read the drivel you post and haven’t felt the need to attack you for the pedestrian banality you inflict on everyone.

    Everyday, Blount posts articles that PROVE this enemy cannot be negotiated with or bargained with. You want to keep living the fantasy that they can, go ahead, I’m not stopping you. I just think you are an idiot for refusing to recognize reality.

  11. 762x51 says:

    Hey jerkles, GFY, TWERP.

  12. 762x51 says:

    How typical of you jerkofftwerp, to think that YOU are the arbiter of what is Christian and what isn’t. My posts are so far over your head I’m surprised you can even hear them sail past you.


  13. KirklesWorth says:

    Oh, the reek of desperation. But if you want to go on to the subject of “tactics”, let’s review how you describe your fascist tactics by reviewing you definition of “fascist crap” as “name calling, denigration, bullying. No problems finding your own defined evidence of your fascist crap:

    First, you seem to have dabbled a little bit in calling me a name or two (and this is far from a comprehensive list):

    5th column enemy collaborator, a casualty awaiting evac, a emotion driven, effeminate jagoff, biggest piece of shit in American, blowhard Internet wanna be, dirty 5th column Progressive subverter of the Republican Party, dirty, nothing, lying piece of sh**, dirty lying piece of shit, dirty progressive liar, enemy of the Constitution and United States, every man’s bitchy ex-wife, princess RINO PriklesTwerp, ex-wife tinkleTwat, fucking coward, good little minion jerklesTw*t, head of the tRump pom pom squad, internet coward, princess PriklesTw*t, liar a cheat and most likely a thief, lying, progressive, bitchy, ex-wife, scum bag, McConnell supporting puke, mortal, blood enemy, nothing piece of sh**, liar, one trick pony jerklesTw*t, pathetic pussy, phony a chickensh** ***hole, proggie progtard urkelJerk, the bitchiest woman I have ever known, progressive, gay bitch, snowflake, progressive RINO enemy of the United States, progtard RINO piece of shit, smug, arrogant, dishonest little asshole, sniveling progressive wiener lover, spineless piece of shit, SS-Rottenführer PriklesTwerp, subversive 5th column Progressive JerklesTw*t, worthless chickenshit little bitch

    Second, here you are bragging about denigration:

    762×51?Torcer: (8/20/2016) Which is why I don’t bother to engage it in conversation,only derision, denigration and vilification.

    And just for fun #1, here you are bragging about contempt, derision, and abuse (nicely fascistic!):

    762×51?Tom: (7/14/2016) I have said repeatedly that your kind receive nothing but contempt and derision here, from me. I know that you cannot be reasoned with so I will not waste my time. Instead, I abuse you as fully as I can in this limited environment, but only because you lack the courage to face me in person, Brony Bitch.

    And just for fun #2, here you are explaining why you are a psychotic and how you should be treated:

    762×51: (7/13/2016) Maybe this bizarre volley of verbal feces will clue a few of the actual conservatives left here on why I take on these howling, screeching hominids with direct aggression and no quarter given. These fools who have posted the shit comments on this article, these FASCISTS who cannot allow anyone to express a personal opinion that disagrees with their opinion or beliefs, are psychotic and should be treated as the drones they are. With contempt, derision and where available unlimited violence. A shame they are all cowards who can never back up their rhetoric.

    Bullying is practically self-evident of course (aka abuse above), but here’s just one. More available on request:

    762×51?KirklesWorth: (8/1/2016) Go fuck yourself you cowardly asshole. Either man up and face me or shut the fuck up. Wait, I forgot, you are just as big a pussy as the rest of the Trumpanzee filth. Prove you aren’t just another internet keyboard troll. You can’t because all you have is your anonymity, without it, you are a mouse.

    And finally, there is your heartfelt, pious, and sincere plea – that makes us laugh:

    762×51?Dave Blount: (9/26/2016) The “quality” of my comments to posters, other than trolls remains unchanged from what it was nearly ten years ago. when I started coming here. I have always tried to make relevant comments and never have been belligerent to those I disagree with.

    Then there’s this golden lie:

    762×51?KirklesWorth: (12/31/2016) I don’t vilify tRump supporters, just assholes like you tinkles.

    “Assholes” meaning those not in lock-step with you. But that matters not…it was already proven a lie anyway. But wait, there’s more! Your self-important fascist “mission” is to drive people you don’t like out like a dictator who “will not stand” for people to hear anything contrary to what it approves:

    762×51?KirklesWorth: (7/30/2016) I don’t give a damn who you vote for and I will not stand for you telling others who to vote for which is your primary mission, NOOB.

    762×51?MAS: (9/2/2016) I don’t require anyone to follow my beliefs and will not stand for them to require me to follow theirs or permit them to try and force others.

    762×51?KHarn: (9/28/2016) It is one of the reasons I seek to drive him out of here, he is scum.

    762×51?Jodie: (9/24/2016) This is what happens when you restrain those who would attack the Progressive trolls and drive them out.

    This ends today’s lesson in fascistic tactics.

  14. KirklesWorth says:

    Didn’t you want to follow that up with “Allahu Akbar!”?

  15. KirklesWorth says:

    Progressive projection again. Where did I say I was the arbiter of anything? Nowhere. You are a liar. You said (for the second time):

    762×51►Jodie: (12/24/2014) Christians have a duty to confront evil and the vast majority of Christians today do not. They give tacit approval to evil by willfully ignoring its presence. As I have previously said, tacit approval is approval nonetheless.

    You claimed “Christians have a duty to confront evil”…who said? Where does the Bible say that? You are making things up to insult Christians…nicely progressive of you (or should I say islamic?).

    My posts are so far over your head I’m surprised you can even hear them sail past you.

    Arrogant liar. Your posts are the lowest of the low.

    I don’t take your fascist orders Mongo, you non-republican Not Trump Hillary surrender monkey and Constitution-trampling civil war instigator.

  16. TED says:

    ANYONE still wonder why the LEFT love the bloodthirsty Islamic bastards so much??!!!! THEY have so much in common…

  17. 762x51 says:

    Only because you are such an A-hole, A-hole.

    It doesn’t say that anywhere, stupid. The Bible is in Hebrew and. Aramaic, not English. Your single digit IQ is on full display here bit I’ll try and use small words and a single example.

    God granted humans free will as part of His plan. Slaves cannot exercise free will. Therefore slavery goes against the will of God. Just as He did not create infants to be slaughtered in the womb, He did not put us here to be slaves, otherwise, why bother with free will.

    The EVIL of slavery or abortion for that matter, must be confronted. You as a servant of the darkness prefer to serve evil rather than confront it, so you try and pretend it’s not to be fought.

    Hardly a complete discussion but you aren’t intelligent enough to grasp the long version.

    Non-republican, LMFAO, like that’s a bad thing. Tell everyone here what a McConnell, Mc Cain, Boehner, RyanO lover you are, princess jerkles.

    GFY, RINO scum.

  18. KirklesWorth says:

    I’m not interested in your faux preachings and irrelevant side tracking about a religion you don’t have respect for nor follow. I asked you quite specifically and simply:

    You claimed “Christians have a duty to confront evil”…who said? Where does the Bible say that? You are making things up to insult Christians…nicely progressive of you (or should I say islamic?).

    Your answer: you don’t know – you have nothing. Furthermore:

    Your god apparently encourages you to lie.
    Your god apparently encourages you to threaten.
    Your god apparently encourages you to overthrow the government.
    Your god apparently instructs you to kill the enemy.

    Let’s see, what religion does that sound like?

  19. 762x51 says:

    Speaking of 5th column enemy collaborator effeminate jagoffs, when will you be brave enough to meet, rodent?

    GFY, RINO scum.

  20. 762x51 says:

    Meet me face to face A-hole, I’ll show what happens to A-holes who accuse of crap like that. You Progressive hajji lover.

  21. 762x51 says:

    Your idiotic claims “you have nothing” means no one has anything you will accept other than your own idiotic cult dogma.

    Means absolutely nothing in the real world, because you mean absolutely nothing in the real world, pissant.

    Your god apparently encourages you to lie.
    Because anyone who disagrees with you is lying – Progressive Dogma

    Your god apparently encourages you to threaten.
    Because anyone who expects you to backup your sniveling is threatening you – Progressive Dogma

    Your god apparently encourages you to overthrow the government.
    Because all government is good – Progressive Dogma

    Your god apparently instructs you to kill the enemy.
    He doesn’t instruct, idiot. I don’t hear voices like you do. We kill the enemy because they are the enemy. A chicken hawk sniveling little bitch like you has no problem sending others to die in your cowardly place.

    GFY, Progressive RINO A-hole

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  23. KirklesWorth says:

    You say absolutely nothing in paragraph after paragraph except for confirming my statements and providing your ridiculous “reasons”.

    All that matters here is when you claimed “Christians have a duty to confront evil and the vast majority of Christians today do not”, you had nothing to back up your statement – aka a lie.

    You talk and act like a progressive. You justify yourself like a muslim. You throw your obnoxious weight around like a fascist. You encourage the abrogation of the Constitution like a traitor. So when you claimed…

    762×51►Torcer: (8/27/2016) But I’ll be damned if I’m going to “become the enemy to defeat the enemy”, that’s not my background or training.

    …you lied again because you are indistinguishable from the “enemies” you decry.

    And you don’t ever speak for me – you are too emotionally stunted, immature, foolish, and moronic.

  24. KirklesWorth says:

    No Mongo, I don’t take your orders nor can you compensate for your lack of intelligence by changing the venue. Just because you didn’t learn in your military training not to go into battle poorly armed and with no ammunition doesn’t mean that the intellectual battle you fail at is going to change to a physical battle where your lack of intelligence is to your benefit.

    And you don’t ever speak for me – you are too emotionally stunted, immature, foolish, and moronic.

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