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May 13 2019

How Natasha Tynes Learned Not to Report Blacks

Rules are for regular people. Persons of politically preferred pigmentation are immune. Those who don’t understand this will be reeducated by the liberal establishment on behalf of the leftist mob that drags it along by the nose. Just ask Natasha Tynes, who may have lost a book deal after she reported a DC subway employee for eating on a train.

Confronting the employee herself elicited the sneering response, “Worry about yourself.” Unadvisedly, Tynes made the report even though the employee is black.

It was a minor complaint, but there are reasons for the rule against eating on the train. For example, it makes rats easier to keep under control.

If there is a rule, it should apply to blacks too, no matter how oppressed they think they are. But that’s not how the liberal mob views it:

Jordanian-American journalist and writer Natasha Tynes faced Twitter wrath after she alerted the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to a black woman in a Metro uniform eating on a train presumably on her way to work. Tynes, who has since deleted her tweet, reportedly wrote: “I thought we were not allowed to eat on the train. This is unacceptable. Hope @wmata responds.”

Twitter erupted with outraged posts accusing Tynes of being a snitch. The backlash mostly focused on the race and gender of the employee, with many calling out Tynes for contributing to the oppression of women of color.

Good thing Tynes is a woman of color herself. Imagine if a white woman did this.

With typical idiocy, moonbats screeched that the gluttonous rule breaker was being oppressed for “eating while black.”

Oppressors are to be destroyed by the liberal mob. This includes Tynes:

Not content with admonishing the author on Twitter, many flocked to the Goodreads page of her upcoming book ‘They Called Me Wyatt’.

They plastered the page with nasty comments denouncing her as a racist.

Tynes issued the standard obsequious apology. Why bother? The liberal mob does not accept apologies.

As always, those in charge stepped in to do the mob’s bidding.

Rare Birds, the publishing house that was supposed to distribute Tynes’ novel, said it considers the author’s behavior “horrible” and has “no desire to be involved with anyone who thinks that it’s acceptable to jeopardize a person’s safety and employment in this way.”

If anyone’s safety has been jeopardized, it is Tynes’. This blame-the-victim doubletalk is the quintessence of vindictive liberalism. We recently had to wade through the same B.S. when the Chicago Cubs banned one of their fans as a sacrificial offering to political correctness.

In a statement on Friday, her publisher, California Coldblood, said it was discussing “appropriate next steps” with their distributor. With the backlash showing no signs of waning on Saturday, the company announced that it was “halting all shipments from the warehouse, and postponing the book’s publication date” while working on the “next steps to officially cancel the book’s publication.”

The message couldn’t be clearer. If you see a black person violating a rule or even breaking a law, look the other way. Speak up, and liberals will destroy you.

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