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Apr 04 2020

How NYC “Teens” Practice Social Distancing

There are reasons New York is the epicenter of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in the USA. Most of them have to do with NYC being the ideal city per the requirements of liberal social engineers: densely packed, reliant on public transportation, and diverse. Due to the city’s vaunted diversity, reactions to the epidemic have been diverse. A video circulating on social media demonstrates how some “teens” practice social distancing.

From the New York Daily News:

The nearly two and a half-minute clip recorded Thursday afternoon and posted on Facebook shows nearly two dozen teens pushing, shoving and punching each other outside an apartment building on Mother Gaston Blvd. near Eastern Parkway in Brownsville.

Some of the teens jumped up on parked cars and ran into the middle of the street, blocking vehicles trying to pass through, the video shows.

Here’s what you are missing out on if you aren’t in Peggy Noonan’s chauvinistic conception of the Epicenter of the World:

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