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Feb 03 2019

How Ralph Northam Became a Republican

If you will pardon a little tinfoil-hattery, I have a conspiracy theory on the wall-to-wall coverage of Ralph Northam’s ancient yearbook photo and the cacophony of demands that he be sent to the guillotine as soon as he has finished debasing himself with groveling apologies.

Someone in the liberal establishment realized that Democrats are pushing too far too fast. This undermines their boiling frog approach to imposing progressivism. Infanticide will fly in a place like New York, where the Empire State building was lit up pink to celebrate the palpably evil governor’s success in pushing through a radical abortion bill. Nationwide? Not quite yet. When the Democrat Northam publicly backed a bill while revealing that it would legalize killing inconvenient children after they have been born, it created a potential rallying point that could inspire decent people to push back.

Northam became a liability, so they had to get rid of him. Not on the grounds that he advocates straightforward infanticide; the whole point is to distract people from that. He had to take the fall for something different.

First, they had to turn him into a Republican. Then they could subject him to the Two Minutes Hate and make him walk the plank. This was accomplished by hyping the decades-old photo of him goofing around in blackface to the point that I see it when I close my eyes.

The media establishment has spent decades demonizing racists and associating racism with Republicans. They know most people only peripherally pay attention, and “reason” like a herd of cattle, so such tactics are effective even if unfair. Most people probably half-consciously think of Northam as a Republican, since he has been condemned as a racist.

CNN helped out by actually identifying Northam as a Republican:

Freudian slip or deliberate? CNN is both sloppy and overtly agenda-driven, so it is impossible to say.

On a tip from Jester.

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