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Aug 13 2018

How Sacha Baron Cohen Helps Out the Right

Sacha Baron Cohen isn’t likely to mean it this way, but by pranking people on the right into making public fools of themselves, he does countermoonbats a favor.

Living in an echo chamber, many liberals go ever farther out on a limb, not realizing that they have gotten carried away because all they hear is positive reinforcement. Next thing you know, they are calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “the future of the Democrat Party,” alienating anyone who is not insane.

Thanks to his gift for punking, Cohen helps prevent conservatives from making the same mistake.

In this segment from Cohen’s series Who Is America, he tricks gun advocates into promoting the insane notion of arming children as young as 3 years. You won’t know whether to burst out laughing or bury your face in your hands: sponsor is understandably appalled — not with the punking itself, but with the public response on the part of Cohen’s victims, who include Philip Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, radio host Joe Walsh, and former Senator Trent Lott:

Mr. Van Cleave responded on Facebook. Mr. Walsh’s went on CNN to respond.

(We couldn’t even find public responses from Mr. Pratt or Mr. Lott despite our best efforts, and from what we’ve read from other media sources they’re not publicly commenting whatsoever.)

As for Van Cleave and Walsh,

Both of them focus on the personal “us versus them” melodrama – how they were pranked, the fact that it was a setup, and that they were tricked into saying certain things. Doing so obscures the larger issue: Not a single one of them have publicly said “this is a bad idea” – the arming of toddlers in school – in their public responses.

So we will. It is a bad idea.

Thank you, Sasha Baron Cohen, for reminding us that we are never safe in our point of view. If we cross the line into absurdity, even if we have been deliberately led astray, we will pay the ultimate political price, which is not just to be laughed at, but to be marginalized.

Most gun rights advocates have a responsible approach to children and guns. For example:

[T]he NRA has knocked gun videos for kids out of the park with its Eddie Eagle program, which does not attempt to “train” kids to use guns or even give them a positive impression of guns – just to reinforce the idea that guns should not be played with and that kids should not touch them and immediately seek an adult if they do find a gun. Even some of the most ardent anti-gun people have given Eddie Eagle the support it rightly deserves.

That would be the same NRA that the media tells us is demonic. More on the Eddie Eagle program here.

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