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Sep 13 2018

How Serena Williams Personifies Our Age

The spectacular tantrum by Colin Kaepernick’s fellow Nike representative and confirmed moonbat Serena Williams was more than an appalling example of what liberals will tolerate from those they fetishize for having the correct skin color. It was emblematic of our age.

As Daniel Henninger notes,

One thinks of the screaming audience members carried out of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Or the routine shout-downs of speakers on campuses. After the last presidential election, the advance guard of the resistance sat during rush hour in the middle of intersections. Members of Congress routinely throw tantrums now, as in the Peter Strzok hearing. Seen a White House press briefing lately?

In the video below, Paul Joseph Watson concurs that the Serena mega-tantrum was a classic symptom of our times. He quotes the esteemed countermoonbat Theodore Dalrymple:

“Querulous self-righteousness, combined with a refusal to look inward or to examine one’s own conduct and motives, is characteristic of our age.”

Kudos to the umpires who are putting up some resistance to S.W.’s bullying. If they knuckle under to the moonbat mob, whether a ball was hit in or out of bounds will come to depend on whether it was hit by a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation.

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