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Dec 05 2019

How South Africa Is Achieving Educational Equity

The moonbat utopia that has been established in South Africa continues to lead the world in education reform (see here, here, here, here, here). Now an ingenious method that draws on indigenous traditions opens the door to absolute equity in academic achievement. The genius of the plan lies in its simplicity. All the students get good grades, or they burn down the school.

Even now, some bureaucrats are not on board with the new approach…

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education has condemned the burning down of Zwelinjani Secondary School in Durban, after pupils allegedly became enraged over poor marks they had received.

As usual, no arrests were made.

“We … will not reward anarchy by building another school, when in fact it was destroyed deliberately”‘, MEC [Member of the Executive Council] Kwazi Mshengu said.

In the end, there is no other way to attain absolute equity in educational achievement than for there to be no education. Disintegrating South Africa is well on the way.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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