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Mar 22 2019

How Stacey Abrams Could Become President

Absurd moonbat Stacey Abrams — who once burned Georgia’s flag on the steps of the state capitol — has only one path to the governor’s mansion: to keep shouting that she won the election even though she lost. This does not seem to be working, despite her aggressive application of the race card.

Her path to the presidency is more viable. She just has to become the VP to someone old enough to be at risk of not making it through his term — like 76-year-old Joe Biden, who despite his obvious flaws might win, given the wide-open field. Don’t laugh; this scenario could happen:

Close advisers to former Vice President Joe Biden are debating the idea of packaging his presidential campaign announcement with a pledge to choose Stacey Abrams as his vice president. …

[Abrams] would bring diversity and excitement to the ticket — showing voters, in the words of a close source, that Biden “isn’t just another old white guy.”

“Excitement” because Abrams is as far left as you can go, which is what sells among Democrats these days.

Try again not to laugh: among potential Democrat presidential candidates, Joke Biden is the closest thing to the grownup in the room. But he carries a massive burden. No, it isn’t the perjury scandal that sank his earlier POTUS aspirations; his endless gaffes; his conspicuous habit of pawing women of all ages and even young girls in public…

…; or the clownish demeanor and childishly obnoxious remarks that make him so difficult to take seriously. Biden is a white man. This demographic serves the same scapegoat role for Democrats that Jews did for Nazis.

Sanders can make up for being a white man because he is also a communist intent on destroying America; also, his whiteness is mitigated by his Jewish ancestry. Biden has tried to make up for being a white man by gleefully crowing that whites will be made a minority in the USA as they are in South Africa. He may need to do more — like choose a Woman of Color so radical and obviously unsuitable for a position of responsibility that she could not run for POTUS on her own.

An added benefit is that is Abrams could bring in the New Black Panthers vote. Also, this could get New York magazine on Biden’s side.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

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