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Sep 25 2018

How the Government Outsourced Socialism: Outsourcing Oppression

In Part 1 of “How the Government Outsourced Socialism,” Captain Capitalism explained how Big Government learned that it is more efficient not to confiscate the means of production, but rather to let more competent private citizens run things, then step in like the Mafia and seize a massive cut of the profits. Now Part 2 addresses the insidious outsourcing of oppression accomplished by using education to establish moonbattery as our national religion through relentless indoctrination.

The indoctrination consists mainly of establishing a narrative of oppressors and oppressed. Forms it can take include class envy, whereby the bad choices of some are blamed on those who made better choices; feminism, whereby women are absolved of responsibility because everything that goes wrong is the fault of men; environmentalism, where easy moral credit can be acquired by siding with the imperiled earth against its oppressors; and discrimination, whereby Cultural Marxism produces an ever-expanding array of “marginalized” groups demanding special privileges as a reward for claiming to be put-upon.

A common thread is that the belligerent victims are oppressed because of an inborn trait, absolving them of responsibility. Another is that there must be a scapegoat: regular white guys. A third is that more Big Government is needed to right the wildly exaggerated or fictional wrongs.

Now that whole generations have been indoctrinated in this malarkey by the education establishment, Big Government can step back and let us oppress ourselves. Most every major institution has been coopted by this leftist ideology, including corporate America:

Today’s education system is NOT about educating children and preparing them for the real world (if that was the case we would have eliminated colleges decades ago, and replaced it with FREE self-study and certification on the internet). It is to brainwash students into an approved national socialist religion (with a close-secondary purpose of enriching the teacher/academic/social worker class). And not only is it to brainwash them into this religion, it is to make sure it is the only thing that gives them purpose, agency, and value in life. Once you have successfully installed this political religion/cult in two, even three generations, you now have a loyal, fervent, even psychotic “rewards club” of sorts that you can market and sell to. And corporations market to this group of people via “Virtue Signaling.”

When you are selling to moonbats, moonbattery can make business sense. Consider Nike choosing Colin Kaepernick — known far more for insulting his country than for his past football skills — as its public face. The people running Nike are contemptible in the extreme, but they are not such idiots as to think this zillionaire mediocrity is oppressed. They picked Kaepernick…

…because TRILLIONS of dollars over the years has been spent brainwashing younger people to believe THEY are oppressed. Thus, if you endorse a spoiled loser who thinks he’s oppressed, you get the millions of other spoiled losers [who] think they’re oppressed to buy your shoes.

Another example is Starbucks banning straws. The suits aren’t such dopes as to think this will have any significant effect on the environment. However, fools will be more likely to buy their coffee not despite the inconvenience but because of it, since they believe it makes them good persons.

If only the price we pay for this idiocy were limited to going without straws. Careers are destroyed for the sake of virtue signaling. Brendan Eich comes to mind; he was canned as Mozilla CEO after Obama’s weaponized IRS leaked that he had privately donated money to a group struggling to preserve the sanctity of marriage. So does Alex Jones, whom Big Tech companies colluded to silence. Another example is dating author Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh), who had nine of his books banned by Amazon (then Barnes & Noble and Kobo piled on).

The big social media companies are near monopolies; they have to be or they would not be effective platforms. We couldn’t hear each other if we tweeted on dozens of different versions of Twitter. This makes them the public square.

[B]ecause of the nature of internet technology, a handful of monopolies are perched in the perfect sniper position to censor, stop, edit, or simply destroy any ideas, thoughts, opinions, or speech that comes out of this bottleneck.

These companies are thoroughly saturated with leftist ideology. Those who don’t conform to it are driven out, like James Damore.

Ours is a soft tyranny. The authorities don’t have to line up malcontents in front of firing squads. The tyranny invariably associated with socialism has been outsourced.

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